Friday, August 29, 2014

Basic Shielding - Variations on the Bubble Shield

Basic Shielding Continued

Variations on the Bubble Shield

There are so many things you can do to modify your shield. From textures, to layers, to shapes, to colors. The basic bubble shield is a great way to get started. I urge you to work on mastering it. When you are comfortable with it you can start experimenting with the aspects of your shield to customize it to you. The other area of shields I want to go into with you a little bit is basic colors of your shields. You can do a lot by changing the color of your shield to what is appropriate.

It is also perfectly acceptable to have more then one type of shield. I have a complex bubble shield that I use almost all the time and I customize it to what I need in the situation I’m in. I can change it at a moments notice now. Though it took me quite some time and practice to get there. Along with my bubble shield I also use a cloak. I visualize my cloak as being a dark navy blue on the outside, and a beautiful snow white on the inside. The inside is really silky and quite comfortable around me. It helps me to feel protected. When I wish to become more invisible I will pull the hood up on my cloak and retreat into it. It works really well in stores. Almost too well as do find I get stepped on quite a bit when I use it which always makes me laugh. Because I have such a hard time seeing it, I love having tangible proof for myself like that to help let me know it’s working as it should.

Colors of Shields

I wanted to give you a basic background on colors of shields for you to use with your bubble shield. You may want to experiment with these. It can be helpful to keep notes on what colors you use and what you have noticed when you use them.

White Light - White light is the main color I use. It is the color of the divine. For those of you who work with angels it will help keep you surrounded with their love and protection.

Rose Light - Rose is a warm loving color. It works hard to keep all energy received very loving. It is especially helpful in protecting you against negative people.

Yellow - Like sunshine, yellow is a very uplifting color. You can use this in situations where you think you may need extra help staying in a positive mood.

Green Light - Green is a healing color. Use this when you, or someone around you is feeling ill.

Blue Light - Blue is a very calming color. You can use this color shield when you want to stay extra calm in any situation.

Purple - Purple is a psychic color. You want to use a purple shield when you are doing any type of intuitive work.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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