Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Hedge Hog as Your Spirit Animal

The Hedge Hog as Your Spirit Animal

Merry Meet :))))) How many of you were able to listen in on the radio show I did with Heaven Leigh last Friday? :)))) If you did not get a chance to listen, you can still catch the playback here: Wise Ones and Earth Angels

For those of you that did get to listen, how many of you caught the Hedge Hog that kept coming up? lol :))))))) In case you were wondering, no, he was not planned. Often when I talk or teach, I get help from my guides that comes as visions in my mind. As I was talking to you about spells and cauldrons, I mentioned the purple smoke coming out of the cauldron, and then I saw a hedge hog appear on the side of the cauldron. Before I realized it, I'd described that visual live to all of you! lol I thought it curious that of all the things to come from spells I saw a hedge hog. I saw him a couple more times when I was talking with Heaven and all of you. So while he is super cute and I love all animals, I was really curious what in the world this little animal means and why he was appearing to me during the show.

One of the medicines that the Hedge Hog gives us is protection. The hedge hog, when threatened, rolls himself into a ball with is quills pointing out in an effort to thwart off those who may be trying to get to him. While he is a very powerful protector, he is also a reminder not to protect ourselves too much. As empaths, may of us tend to throw natural shields, and bury ourselves behind shields that are walls, and for some of us spikes. :)) We need to always be conscious of how we are shielding, and protect ourself appropriately, but be cautious not to do it so much that we miss interacting with the world, or shut down our emotions completely.

When he curls into a ball, it's a reminder to stay centered in all that we do. Pay attention to your core and all your chakras to make sure that you remain grounded and centered in all that you do. The Hedge Hog gives us the courage to make those leaps of faith in life, for he always lands on his feet, and will help you to do the same. So when a Hedge Hog appears to you, it's to encourage you to take that leap of faith that you've been eyeing, or validate the leap you have already taken for it is supported and you will come out on top in this situation. He will help you to stay calm, cool and wise as you navigate the current path you are on in your life.

The Hedge Hog is a creature of the night, and helps you with your intuition and clarity in your visions. He will help you to see the true path that lies before you, and will facilitate communication between you and your guides. I know he definitely applies to where I am at in my life right now, and it's clear why he made his appearance during the show. How many of you have the hedge hog with you right now as well? :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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