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Understanding Energy and Working With It

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Understanding Energy and Working With It

Merry Meet :))) I wanted to do a bit of a focus for all of you over the next couple of days involving working with energy and shielding. The next couple days will include portions of the book that I am writing, The Highly Intuitive Empath. If you are a sensitive person or an empath, learning to work with energy and shielding are really vital to managing and working with your gifts. So today we will start with a very basic introduction to working with energy. Tomorrow we will start working with shielding. :))))

Shielding in my opinion is one of the most important skills you will need to master as an empath. Shielding is also the skill that took me the longest to master on my path. Why? Because I really had a problem grasping the concept of energy and the fact that I was able to manipulate it and work with it. For me, it’s extremely difficult to work with something that I can’t “see.” While some of you may be blessed more with the gift of sight and being able to see energy, auras, etc. This is not one of my strong points. So when I first started to learn to shield I was confused by the fact that I couldn’t see what they were describing.

As I’ve said before, working with your gifts involves a whole lot of trust. You need to trust yourself, and that what you are working with is there. For those of you who are unable to see energy you can use your gift to sense it. So I want to work with you on a simple exercise that I believe will help you when we move onto shielding.

As you know, energy is all around you. Once you learn to sense it and realize what you are feeling, things will come much easier. One way we can do this is to start with a basic concept; the ball of energy. I want you to find someplace comfy and quiet where you can relax undisturbed for a while. Try to find a place that’s as quiet as you can and free of distractions. Get yourself settled. Now, I want you to spend a few moments just trying to sense the energy around you. Close your eyes, and just feel with your body and your spirit. Can you feel any movement of energy around you? Can you notice any temperature differences in the air? Can you feel your own energy intermixing with the energy around you? It can take time to feel this, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t feel it right away. Most of us feel it, however we may not recognize what we are feeling as we don’t often bring ourself to a base level and take the time to get to know the very simple things around us.

Once you are comfortable with this I want you to move onto the next part. See if you can form a ball of energy in your hands. Place your hands out in front of you, with palms facing upward. Start trying to draw together a ball of energy. You will do this by trying to feel it with your hands and visualizing it. When I get this right, I can often feel a slight tingling in my palm and the tips of my fingers. Spend time running your hands around this ball of energy and work on shaping it. When you are comfortable with this I want you to try to add your energy to this.

One method of doing this is to breathe deep, from your tummy, and exhale into the ball of energy. As you do so envision loving, calm energy from you mixing with the ball of energy. Concentrate and try to hold the image of this ball of energy in your mind’s eye. For those of you who don’t know your mind’s eye, or your third eye, is where your third eye chakra is located. When we daydream, or think about things, this is where you see the images you are thinking about. This is the simplest way for me to describe it. Try to hold that image steady as you work with your ball of energy. When you are done, you can release it into the world allowing it to add your love and blessings to the world in which we live. How did you do? This is an exercise that you may wish to repeat many times until you get comfortable with it. By learning to sense your energy, and the energy around you, you will learn to work with it. When you do that you are ready to move onto our next important skill, shielding.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Great article :) I will do this exercise. Hopefully I will be able to try this tonight. Thank you and Blessed Be. - Maria

  2. Thankyou for sharing your gifts to help us grow with ours.


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