Monday, September 29, 2014

Crafting a Scrying Mirror

Crafting a Scrying Mirror

Merry Meet :))))) The other day, we went over basic mirror scrying, and I promised that today we'd learn how to make our own scrying mirror. :)))))

The first thing you want to do for this is select a picture frame that you wish to use. :)))) Silver is the color of the Moon, so if you feel called to, you may wish to choose a silver frame. It's not necessary though, make sure you use whatever calls to your intuition. As for size, it really can be any size you wish. The one I am currently working with is 4x6. Shape is up to you as well. A lot of people prefer oval or round frames, I actually prefer a normal rectangular frame, so again this is one of those follow your intuition choices.

Even though it says scrying mirror, you actually don't need a mirror, we are going to work with the glass from the picture frame. :)))) When you get your frame home, be sure to use white sage to cleanse it and ready it for your use. You also want to do any physical cleaning it may need, for example, washing the glass on it etc.

Next we need to paint the glass. You are only going to paint one side of the glass. You can choose a matte paint or a glossy paint. I prefer glossy, but again, it's personal choice. :))) You need to make the paint thick enough so no light can pass through it. You probably will want to do several coats, so be sure to allow time for drying in between coats.

When you are all done painting it, place the glass back in the frame so that the side painted is on the inside and against the back of the frame. If it's loose, you may want to add a bit of cardboard to steady it. At this point you can decorate the frame any way you wish if you want to.

Don't forget to consecrate your mirror before using it. :)))))) I like to have mine charge during the light of the full moon. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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**The photo above is made by a wonderful Priestess, and friend of mine, Dawn Rising. :))) She actually made one for me as well with a moon and a tree :))) You can see her shop here if you are interested: Magickal Craftings**


  1. what color do you paint the glass?
    Thanks, this is very cool !

    1. Merry Meet sweetie :))) You would want to go with a black for your scrying mirror :)))))

      Much Love and Many Blessings,

      Jasmeine Moonsong


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