Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Powerful Self-Healing

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Powerful Self-Healing

Merry Meet :)))))) The last couple of days, I have been watching Wayne Dyer's special, "I Can See Clearly Now" on a local station. I recorded it on my DVR as I love his work and was excited to listen to him on this 3 hour special. You may want to check your local listings to see if you can catch it on rebroadcast as it's a very empowering special to watch.

In this special he hit on a concept that I truly believe in and I wanted to share with you. You will often hear me say how powerful our mind is, and once you realize that, it can cause tremendous changes in your life. Wayne had his daughter share a story of self-healing during this special that I found amazing and I wanted to pass it along to all of you. :))))

When his daughter was just 7 years old, she had warts that were appearing all over her face. They were living in Hawaii at the time and decided to see a doctor for assistance when they were starting to go towards her eyes. The doctor told them that they had two options. The first was to take an oral medicine that may or may not improve them, but she would not be able to go in the sun while she took it. Being just 7 years old and living in Hawaii, this clearly was not an attractive option for her. The second was even less appealing, they could try to burn them off her face but it would likely leave scarring. Seeing his daughter upset with the options, Wayne decided to give his daughter a third option . . . to heal herself.

She loved the third option and agreed to it right away. That night when she got home, she pulled the blankets up over her face. She decided to talk to the warts, or "bumps" as she preferred to call them. She told them that she loved them, but their time together needed to end, they could no longer stay with her. She then envisioned them falling off her face and how her face would feel if it had none of these "bumps." She repeated this process for about 5 - 10 minutes each night.

On the fourth day as she was going through her new bedtime ritual, she touched her hand to her face. She suddenly realized that they were all gone. Her face was perfectly clear. She ran into tell her mother and her father and show them, and indeed her face was healed.

Miracle? Or perhaps an amazing illustration of how much power each and every one of you has. We have the power to do tremendous things. You just need to have that belief that you can.

One of the luxuries she had as a child, was that she believed everything her parents told her at 7 years old. So when her Dad told her she could clear the bumps from her face, she believed him and never doubted for a moment that it would work. This is the childlike innocence and belief that you need to remember and harness once again as an adult, for when you find it, it will be aid you in your craft of healing and discovering your true self. Realize how much power you have been blessed with in this world. :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

P.S. - If you are unable to catch the special on tv, his book is available. You can find it here: I Can See Clearly Now

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