Monday, October 6, 2014

Magickally Glowing Gardening

Magickally Glowing Gardening

Merry Meet :)))))) I absolutely love sparkles, and things that glow in the dark, and the color blue. I absolutely adore the idea done in the picture above and had to share with all of you because I can think of sooo many cool ways to incorporate this little goodie into making your home a little more magickal. :)))

The picture above was done with glow stones. :))))) I did some research on them, and if you google glow stones or glow rocks you will find them available in lots of places. One of the sites I found is this one:

Driveways and walkways I imagine are a bit pricey to do, but how amazing would that be? :))))) I can see cars lined up down my street to check it out. lol :))) While I don't see myself having the money to do that anytime in the near future, I can think of lots of creative ways to use these in outdoor landscaping and the gardens.

You can get them in all different colors, blues and greens mainly but I saw some red somewhere in my travels today researching them. They also come in various materials, plastic stones, glass etc. I am going to order a bag in the next couple of weeks to put around the edges of my fairy garden. :))))))

Here's another idea where someone took a section of their yard and did some creative glow gardening with these old stumps.

Lining the edge of a pathway with stones.

Create designs with them.

In the pic above someone used them in a plant in their home. :)))

Another alternative is to get glow paint and make walkways glow like the one in the pic above.

Or use the same paint to stencil some stepping stones :))))

The possibilities are endless! :))))))

If you decide to get some let me know where you decided to get them and send me in pics! Would love to see your magickally glowing ideas! :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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