Friday, October 17, 2014

Moon Void of Course

Moon Void of Course

Merry Meet :))))

You will notice in the daily messages that I include information for when the Moon is void of course. What exactly does that mean, and how does that affect you?

The Moon changes her position in the various signs approximately every two days. In her alignment of energy, there are times where she is in transition and not aligned with any zodiac sign. During these times, the Moon is considered void of course, or between signs. When she makes her move the journey she takes can last anywhere from a few minutes to a full two days.

When working with magick, we often pay attention to what zodiac sign the energy of the Moon is aligned with to help us in our workings. When the Moon is void of course we should refrain from any magickal workings, and be cautious of making any important moves, or participating in any activities that will "impact our life". If you have any major decisions that come up during this time, try to postpone them until after the Moon has finished her journey to the next sign.

Well this sounds scary huh? :))) If we are aware of the time, we can learn to work with it. During the time that the Moon is void of course we should do things to rest and relax. It's like the universe's way of saying ok, time to rest. :)))) It's a great time to catch up on snoozing, reading, or mundane chores and things that you want to do.

For those of us who are highly sensitive this can have an even greater impact on us as we will feel the energy more than the average person. During this time you may experience mood swings, and a bit of confusion. It can feel literally like we are in some sort of limbo. The best thing is to realize it's temporary and go with it. :)))) Use this time to recharge your batteries. During this time your primary objective is to relax and have fun ;) So make a date the next time you see it with yourself for that long overdue bubble bath and time with that book you've been meaning to read. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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