Sunday, October 5, 2014

Star Lantern

**original image and inspiration from Design Mom**

Star Lantern

Merry Meet :)))) I have another super easy fun project :))))))) This looks like it would be amazing in a little ones bedroom. I've actually got the supplies and am making them with my little ones tomorrow night. :))))) It's easy enough for them to do. :))) So let's get started!

Grab a glass jar. You can use a pickle jar, mason jar, any glass jar that is the size you want your star lantern to be. You want it to be big enough to put the light in though.

Stick on tap light, or any other small light you can find. We are actually putting a base in the bottom of ours that is for the etched glass as it changes colors. You might be able to use battery operated tea lights too. Anything that lights up that you can fit in the jar that is safe. :)))

The next thing you need is old cake pans, or new ones :)) They are usually pretty inexpensive in the grocery stores.

Cut a strip of the cake pan that is long enough to wrap around the jar and tall enough to fill it.

Set the strip down on something safe to punch holes in like newspaper.

Use an awl to punch the stars into the strip. You can make constellations if you want to :))))))

Fit the strip of pan inside the jar.

Set your light inside.

That's it! Super easy right! :)))))))

I might make one for my room. :)))) shhhhhh ;)

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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