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Weight as a Natural Shield

Weight as a Natural Shield

Good Morning :)))) I hope everyone is ready for a lovely Sunday, and hopefully you will all get some time to relax today. :))))))) A while back I attended a seminar with Colette Baron-Reid online promoting her Weight Release Energetix program. It's an amazing program that I would love to take if I had the funds, however just seeing the intro information is already making an impact, enough that I wanted to share it with you.

We've all been through a million and one diet programs. Colette's approach is different. It's emotional. She believes it's not as much about the food on your plate as it is our emotions. For those of us that are highly sensitive this can make a huge impact on us. I'm one of the ones that is always baffled on how I can gain weight while eating healthy. I also am capable of losing weight when I am eating junk food. What's the significant difference? Where I am emotionally at the time. If I'm being rigid with what I am eating, odds are I am in a more stressful time in my life, and my way of gaining control is to watch what I eat more. The alternative is when I am really happy out enjoying life and I will allow myself to splurge on that ice cream, or other goodies. I'm not saying that weight loss doesn't correspond with what you eat and how much exercise you get, I am saying that I agree with Colette that emotions can play a huge part.

Without going into the whole of her introduction to the course, she had a couple of points that I found really valuable and wanted to pass them along to you. The first is where do you feel stress. Think about when you get stressed and where you feel it. Then visualize what it is you see when you get stressed. My first response to this was that I feel it in my chest and I have trouble breathing, when I matched it with a vision I saw myself getting crushed by a big boulder. Super pleasant right? I realized that I have carried this vision for a long time, hence why if I get too stressed I will actually have trouble breathing. Is this going to be the same for everyone? No. Does it have to do with past lives, probably. However being aware of it helps me to start to heal it.

So the second part she taught us was to envision a bird. Right away I chose the red-tailed hawk. You can choose any bird you wish though. Have that bird pick you up and carry you way way up into the sky. Envision what it feels like to look back on that stressful situation, how small it looks. Then focus on how blue the sky is around you. How perfectly calming it is and how happy you are up there removed from the stress. I have been using this a few days now and I can tell you that it works.

A second meditation had an equally effective result. She had us envision a landscape that best represented where we feel we are when we are stressed. It could be barren land, a swamp, nothing, she just had us sit and get creative with it. After several minutes of visualization we then made a bridge from that place to a happy landscape, one that is beautiful and represents happiness to us. The point is to realize that we have complete control over our emotions. Whenever we feel we are in that stressful place we can build a bridge out of it and go to the happy landscape. It sounds very simple but it does work. :)))) You are not your feelings when you are visualizing them like this. Your feelings become a place. This allows you to become neutral to the stress and detach from it. The allows us to choose to reduce the stress when we are overwhelmed. You will stop asking why and analyzing why the stress is there like we so often do and choose to leave the situation even if just in your mind as you have separated yourself from it.

What happens when you use a method like this is you stop the body from wanting to add those pounds to "shield" yourself from the emotions you are experiencing. By learning to remove yourself from the stress and look at it objectively you will stop that process from happening. :)) For those of you that might be interested you can get her book here: Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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