Saturday, November 29, 2014

For the Birds

For The Birds

Merry Meet :))))) The last few years I have really been getting into watching the birds in my yard, they provide me soooo many smiles throughout the year. I now feed them year round with several bird feeders in my yard. :))))) I think the other week I was telling you how excited I am to have a pair of doves who've made their home in my backyard. :)))))

I came across this clever idea the other day and it's something I've started for the beauties who grace my yard, and I thought it might be a lovely idea to share with all of you. :)))))) As Wiccans it's a beautiful way to help give back to the animals who decide to come to connect with us and grace us with their presence.

So the idea in the picture above is to give them materials to help them nest. :)))))) I absolutely love it! I'm quite sure it's not a new idea, but for me it is. lol :))))) I must give credit to for both the idea and the picture. :))))))

What she did was buy a simple suet feeder. You can find them most places for under $2.00.  After the birds finish emptying it you simply fill it back up with yarn scraps that you've cut up for them. I know with little ones I always have odds and ends lying about. The coolest part is that she says she will see little bits of colors in their nests all over the yard. I'm looking forward to seeing this. To me that little bit of color mixing with nature just adds a little bit of magick to my yard. :))))))) You can also use cloth cut into strips of about 1 inch by 6 inches, bits of fleece, string, or wool. :)))

I also found this great article from the Humane Society about helping birds build their nests. :)))) You can find it here:
I love the idea of being able to give even more to these beautiful birds that choose to make their homes together with mine. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. wow... what an interesting idea:) and I can't imagine how amazing it must be to see those colourful scraps in their nests:)


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