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The Court Cards In Tarot

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The Court Cards In Tarot

Merry Meet :)))))) I had a request to go through the court cards in Tarot. :)))))))) So today I wanted to do that for you. :))))

I love working with the court cards as they give me a wonderful insight as to specific characters that may be coming or playing a role in ones life as well as the type of energy going on in the reading. Typically they are stronger cards in my reading and they tend to make their presence known, just like Royalty would. :))))))

While the gender of the character on the card can indicate the gender of the person that is playing a role, that's not always the case. You need to think of it more as a masculine or feminine energy. While a Knight can indicate a man who is going to make an appearance in your life, it can also indicate a masculine energy and a need or desire that will be fulfilled. It's just something to be aware of. That being said though, I have lost track of how many times a court card will give me direct insight as to a person who is playing a key role in the reading.

So let's take a tour of each of the types of Court Cards :))))

Pages: Pages for me show new beginnings and awareness. These new beginnings can be in a relationship, career, health matter etc, dependent upon what suit they are coming up in. They also often symbolize the start of a journey. They dream big but may or may not have the follow through to pursue those dreams. They can demonstrate the potential of a situation. They also tend to have that innocence which I see as a very valuable trait. By innocence I mean a viewpoint that is not skewed by the lessons one has learned in life or the world around them, ie any baggage one may be carrying. They can also indicate an issue that should be handled with care. :)))) Pages are associated with Air, the Mind, and Swords.

Knights: I absolutely love Knights. They are probably my favorite court card. Knights are all about energy being focused, and the power to manifest being formed. For me the Knights are one of the best movement cards in the deck. They show that the dream has been realized, and the plan is being put into effect. They are the questers. The Knights are the ones who say, you know what, I have seen my dream and I am going out to get it! They are the ones who believe that everything is possible and have the courage to just push forward with no worries or fears of failure. Without the Knights, nothing would be done. lol :))))) We really need them. So I adore when they come up. When I first took that leap of faith to Wiccan Moonsong full time, the Knight of Pentacles was my card that kept coming up. Even though I was fearful, at that point I felt I had nothing left to lose and I was off to manifest my dream business, hence why it was the Knight of Pentacles. :))))))) Knights are associated with Fire, Spirit, and Wands.

Queens: We've all seen the Queens and Kings in the movies sitting on their thrones. The Queens are typically very confident in themselves and come across as very calm and in control. A Queens power is focused and very formed and thus is the energy she brings to the table on your query. Depending on the suit is where this focus is aligned. She is the creative energy of life, whatever her heart desires, the Queen will have. The Queen is also very intuitive, she brings the wisdom of life and the heart to the table in dealing with matters. The Queen is associated with Water, the Heart, and Cups.

King: Finally our King. :))) I love it when the Kings come up. Usually in my readings I see him as a take a breath of fresh air for you have just crossed the finish line. A lot of times the Kings represent the final result when they come up for me in readings. He is very powerful and while being very intuitive he is able to use that intuition logically for he has the best of both worlds going on with his thought. He is the energy of life. He has the ability to manifest things in the physical world. Whatever the Queen has initiated if she has not brought it to fruition, the King will finish the job of manifesting it. Kings are associated with Earth, Ability and Matter, and Pentacles.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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