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Life as a Psychic Mom

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Life as a Psychic Mom

Merry Meet :))))  My children are without a doubt the most amazing gifts that I have been blessed with this life. The both of them light me up in ways that have me grinning from ear to ear nearly every day and I truly couldn't imagine my life without them. As with any Mom and child they have their moments lol :)))) But that unquestionable knowledge of the love that we will always share is always prominent in our bond.

The other day I was taking a walk with my friend out by the lake and telling her how I came about with my gifts and when I actually accepted them. I believe I have told many of you, but my son and daughter are also gifted. My son, however when he was born, was interacting with my Grandfather, which is what led me to my path. I went searching for answers, and in doing so truly discovered who I was. He gave me the courage to forge ahead with my gifts and go against the grain, knowing that he was like myself and wanting him to have the best life possible. It's amazing the courage I have when it comes to my little ones. :)))))

It's interesting being an empath and a Mom. My kids will tell you they can't get away with anything. lol :))) Most Moms know when their kids are lying, but I always know. lol :)))) I can sense their every mood and know the moment something is off at all. It's like Mother's intuition times 10. :))) I truly enjoy watching them explore their gifts in a safe environment though. I teach them just what they need to know and as they are only 7 and 11, I have not told them the full scale of what they may be capable of one day. I love watching the myriad of ways that they show these gifts as they grow up though. For example when they collect rocks, they don't just collect them but they will tell me the types of sensations they get, like this is a strong rock, or "Look Mom this one is happy." If I didn't know what I knew, I would dismiss this as an active imagination. However with my son I know he is very sensitive to the energy in stones.

My daughter and my son are both very sensitive to animals. To watch them interact with them is incredible. Especially my son. He knows that he has to be sill and you'd swear he knows to calm his energy to approach them. It truly is amazing. :))))) They both have a healthy love for gardening and plants even though I am still learning. :)))

I could literally write a book about my experiences with them, but I just wanted to touch upon them a little bit today. :)))))) For those of you who are sensitive, I've mentioned that it is hereditary so look to your parents and children to see those who will have gifts similar to yours. When you find people to share your gifts with it truly makes the world that much more beautiful. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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