Monday, January 5, 2015

Magickal Potion - Morning Dew

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A Magical Potion
Morning Dew

Merry Meet :))) I absolutely adore Daily Om. I have been receiving it for a few years now and love the uplifting messages. If you are not already signed up for their emails you can check out their website here:

Awhile back there was an article that just really caught my attention. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and I flagged it because I wanted to share it with all of you. The article was written for Daily Om by Madisyn Taylor. It's entitled A Magical Potion, Morning Dew and I thought she did a beautiful job taking something so simple and showing the pure magick that can be found in it. :))))) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :)))))  As I'm sitting here watching the snow fall softly outside my window I thought it would be perfect timing to remind us that Spring is around the corner.

"Our very own lives can be magical like the fleeting morning dew on a flower tip.

The world awakens each day from its nightly slumber, transformed by a sparkling layer of morning dew on the grass, on flower petals and leaves, on cars and car windows. These glistening droplets last only a little while, an integral part of what imbues the early morning with its aura of magic. If we sleep too late, we miss the magnificent display of sunlight playing upon an infinite amount of tiny crystal balls. To step onto the dew-covered grass is to anoint our feet with a form of water that comes only once a day for a short time, a rarefied gift of the night air that will soon evaporate in the full light of the sun. If we inhale slowly and consciously enough, it is almost as if we are drinking in this magical elixir formed in the boundary between darkness and light.

In one myth, morning dew is believed to be tears from heaven, and in another, the droplets are poured from the vessel of the goddess of dawn. When we see the earth draped with these shimmering drops, it is easy to imagine fairies bathing in the water, or a sky god weeping from a longing to be closer to his beloved earth goddess. Seeing the sparkling beauty of the earth emerging from darkness, we may understand this longing in terms of our own gratitude; how blessed we are to be here.

Perhaps heaven really does long to be here on earth, and perhaps that is why we are here—as conduits between the divine and the earthbound. As we drink the morning dew in with our eyes, our skin, our breath, it is easy to imagine that it really is a magical potion, a gift from heaven, a reminder of our true purpose, and a daily opportunity to be transformed."

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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