Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Hammock and My Personal Oasis

The Hammock and My Personal Oasis

Merry Meet :))))))

Awhile back I had wrote an article about transforming your home into your own oasis. So many of us long to go away on vacation, and miss out on what's in our own back yards. Don't get me wrong, I love to go on vacation. :))))) However, this year I vowed to start making more comfy, vacation like areas in my yards.

One thing that I have wanted for awhile was a hammock. I have spent time in them in the home fairs and have been watching the prices on them, but the cheapest I had seen them in my area was about $50.00 which has been out of my price range.

I love perusing clearance sections of shops for deals, and we have a shop out where I am called Ocean State Job Lot, it tends to have lots of inexpensive items. A few weeks ago I was going through the shop and admiring the hammocks they had for sale, and contemplating springing for one that was $35.00 because it was the most inexpensive one I had seen and then I saw it. $15.00. I rubbed my eyes. Seriously? I went through the shelves furiously searching for the box that matched the sku on the price tag on the shelf with that price. I finally found one. There was just one left. LOL :))))) I couldn't believe my luck! The hammock fits two people and is just beyondddd comfortable. You can see it hanging in the tree in my yard above. :))))) I hung it in a shady patch in my yard that is right next to the field and next to the little brook. :)))))

What you can't see in that photo is just in front of the big rock is a really small pond. I'll share that with you on a different day. We have built a tiny waterfall and created a small pool of water in the little brook that goes through my yard, so now when you lay in the hammock you can also hear the tiny waterfall behind you. It's pure bliss. I was out there yesterday afternoon watching the birds as the sun was setting.  :)))

So once again the Goddess has blessed me with an amazing gift to add to make my house even more of a home. :))))))))) It's also another wonderful example of manifesting what you wish. I waited watching sales for awhile, and then finally found that perfect hammock at just the right price. :))))))) But I now have a beautiful place in my yard that I can curl up and read a book in, or just swing gently in the breeze and watch the wildlife that wanders into the field. :))))) If you are out there at dusk there's a very good chance you'll see the deer come down to feed. :))))))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong
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