Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Tiger Moth

The Tiger Moth 

Merry Meet :))))  This afternoon I was sitting catching up with emails and I spotted the beautiful moth in the picture on the floor. She was in the corner of my sliding door and I was concerned about her getting trampled by my little ones running in and out so I decided to try and move her.

I walked over carefully so as not to startle her, and moved my hand towards her slowly to try to usher her outside. Instead of flying out the door like I expected she crawled up my thumb and settle on my hand. I saw there in awe for a few moments admiring how pretty she was and loving her calming energy. I have no idea how long she would have stayed there, but my kids came barreling through the door and she tried to fly away, startled I'm quite sure. When she went to fly she couldn't fly well.

I went over to pick her up again as I didn't want her to get squished by my squealing children or my retriever Max who was now interested as well. She crawled right up on me once again, and hung out allowing me to take the picture that you see above. I told my daughter to go grab a shoebox as I wanted a safe place for her to rest if she needed to, off the floor. lol As soon as I finished saying it she went to fly off my hand again, drifting towards the floor like she did the previous time. Although this time on the way down, she disappeared out of our sight completely? All three of us were watching her and we have no idea where she went. It was like she vanished. I would think myself crazy but my little ones were saying the same thing. We immediately got on our hands and knees and crawled around the kitchen looking for her. After a good search we finally gave up and I have not seen her all afternoon.

My daughter was calling her the Ghost Butterfly and my son was talking excitedly about how she was magick because she disappeared. Then my daughter started talking about the fairies and how they sent the moth and she must have gone back to them. Whatever happened, I'm grateful for the touch of magick she brought into my home this afternoon, and hopefully a bit of warmth she will bring to your heart as you read this. :)))))))

I originally thought her a butterfly because of her vivid colors, but she is a Tiger Moth. :)))))))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. I love this blog Jasmeine. I bet if you gaze upon the photograph taken you may spark a message the tiger moth had for you.


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