Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wiccan Garden Design

Wiccan Garden Design

Merry Meet :))))) I love love love Pinterest as many of you know. :))) I find soooo many cool ideas there! Above is a diagram I found for a Wiccan Garden! I am a little late getting started this year as there's been soooo much going on, but we may try something like this. :)))) Is it not amazing? :))))  I love growing herbs, as there are just soooo many things to do with them and the majority of them come back each year.

If you start with seeds in the spring, I can see this as a completely obtainable beautiful garden idea that will come back for years to come if you live in a suitable area. The plants have been done according to element and placed where they will thrive. I am unable to find the original source for this particular graphic, but I recognize it from reading over the years.

I am thinking of outlining the sections in white stones, as most of you know I adore them, and it also would help the pentagram to light up under the light of the Moon. My next task is to figure out where I would like it! lol :)))) It's a plan for next year. :))))) What I love about the herbs in this though is most of them are already in my garden, and I recognize all of them as frequently used.

You can do the same sort of idea with flowers if you prefer to do that. Just place them according to the elements on the pentagram. If you google the type of flower or herb and element corresponds to, it will typically bring this up for you within the first few results. :)))))))

You should be able to print this picture for your book of shadows. :))))) Depending on your computer you can right click on it, choose "Save As" , save it, then print it out. :))))) It's definitely something excellent to keep in your collection. :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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