Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Heartwarming Rescue

A Heartwarming Rescue

Merry Meet :)) Many of you know that I've been working with 5 kitties that I've rescued over the past year :))))) I will write on a different day and give you updates. :)))) Animal rescue stories are near and dear to my heart and the other day I got a story from one of you that I had to share. :))))) It had me in tears as I read it. :)))))) Here is the story of TK kitty from Glenda :)))

"On Tuesday of this past week I wrestled with if I were going to town or not but ultimately decided to go. Along the way, not far from my home in the woods, I saw something which looked like an animal just laying in the road lifeless. I turned around and went back to investigate because my rearview mirror kept pulling at me.

As I approached I rolled down my window and saw that it was just a baby kitten (not very old) not moving. I went on down the road, turned around and parked just behind it, getting out and grabbing a box from the back of my SUV.

As I approached it I said out loud, "I am so sorry little one that you had to be run over by a car today." I then kneeled down only to find that he was breathing, faintly, but breathing.

At that moment I just reacted, not thinking, and put him in the box and drove 35 miles to my vet. I just couldn't turn my back on him and just let him die alone plus we were having some really violent storms with flooding. At the vet that was when I broke down crying for this little creature. I told the doctor that if he has even the slightest chance to live, please help him.

A strong heart, overnight stay in clinic, antibiotics later they phoned to say, "Glenda you can come get your kitty." I was so amazed and thrilled at the same time. Actually he is a she, we named her TK Lucky (Tough kitty Lucky). You speak of intuition was this one of those times? it's so amazing how this little fellow could be hit by a car, left for dead yet survives and I am the one to find her."

This little furbaby was definitely meant to be with Glenda :)) It wouldn't surprise me if she winds up being a familiar :))))) I thought the story was beautiful and I hope it warmed your hearts as well this morning :)))))

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Poor little TK, I'm sending her some cuddles and chin scratches.


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