Monday, June 1, 2015

Star Light...Star Bright... Please Light Up My Room All Night

Merry Meet :))))

Over the past year I have been doing a complete overhaul on my house. There isn't much that hasn't been gone through by me recently now. :)))))) It's been my mission to turn my house into a home, my own personal oasis. :))))))

Today though I wanted to tell you about another super cool find. It was tucked in my basement with stuff from my room from when I lived at home way back when. A blacklight! LOL :)))) As soon as I saw it I could remember having that in my room at night and glow in the dark stars all over my ceiling so that when I fell asleep at night the stars reminded me of being outside.

So I hung up the black light and set out to Walmart to pick up a package of stars. I got about 30 stars for $4.00 there. I'll give you links at the bottom of the article for them on Amazon. They are actually cheaper through there. :)))))

In any event, the black light helps the stars to glow and I now have my ceiling decorated again. :)))))) I only did one package at first and just had it over my bed. I have just picked up a bigger package and am going to do my entire ceiling in them. :)))))))) I just love it! Pretty much as much as I did growing up lol :))))

While I know all of you aren't going to want to run out and by glow in the dark stars and a black light lol :))))) The point of this is to do things that make you happy. :)))))) Not only do they help remind me of being outside but I just adore them, so why not? It adds a bit of fun to my life. :)))))))) It also helps me to keep that childlike wonder that I try to continue to see the world through. :)))))))))) I am actually getting this exact setup for my kids for their birthdays this fall. :))) Shhhhh don't tell lol :))))

For those of you who want some you can get the stars here:

This is the blacklight that I have. :)))) There are some that are a little cheaper but this one works amazing and has been around forever lol :))))

I just love things that glow, sparkle and light up lol :)))))) Have a great day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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