Friday, June 19, 2015

Stone Coasters

Stone Coasters

Merry Meet :)

I came across this idea while perusing Pinterest and I loveeee it! :)))) I've searched for the source but every time I find this image it's going to a domain that is to be sold, so unfortunately at this time, I'm not able to give credit where it's due. I really wanted to pass this idea on to you though, because it's simple, very inexpensive, and something that's a great summertime project. :)))))

So from what I can tell all you use for this is felt, semi-flat stones (river ones would likely work best) and a glue-gun. I would be inclined to put something hard under the felt as well to help stabilize it, like cork.

Cut the cork to the size that you wish. You can find it at any craft store. You can then cut a circle of felt to lay over it. From there you will use the stones to fill in the circle. You will likely want to lay down some of the stones first to get a feel for how you want it to work.

Then use the hot glue gun to glue them all in place. I would put extra glue all around the stones as well just to make sure they stay in place. These would be super cute to use around the house to set candles on, as hot plates, coasters, or even on your altar as an offering or to set your offering bowls on. :))))) Get creative!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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