Monday, June 15, 2015

Thunderstorm Magick

Thunderstorm Magick

Merry Meet :))))

Here in New England I am in peak thunderstorm season. For those of you who've been with me on Premium Moonsong Daily Magick, you've heard me mention it a couple times lol :)))))) It's interesting though, but this is the first year I have really started to watch them regularly and enjoy them. I'll admit sometimes they spook me a little, but a lot of them are just beautiful!

When was the last time you stopped the world and just watched a thunderstorm roll by? They are absolutely beautiful. I usually notice the change in air first. You can feel that chilly air mixing with the warm air and if you really pay attention you can distinguish between the two. Following pretty quickly I will notice all the trees start changing colors as their leaves flip upward to meet the incoming storm.

I then turn my attention to the sky. The contrast in colors and the patterns in the clouds is amazing. If you are into divination, it's a great time to do some cloud divination! :)))) Below is a picture of an incoming storm. You can see the stream of clouds in the pic? It was coming from the ground up and honestly I was a little nervous about a tornado, even though that's rare out here. It just goes to show what you can see if you watch lol :)))) If it does that frequently out here, I've never noticed it lol :))))))

And then comes the rumbles of thunder and the lightning. If it's far enough out and you can safely stand outside, see if you can feel the Earth rumbling. As always safety first! lol :))))) I love listening to it and counting the seconds in between, watching the sky for the direction it's coming from.

Then comes the lightning! Talk about a show! :))))))) It's become a thing in the house whenever there's a thunderstorm here we will all go outside and watch it roll in over the mountains. :))) The video below is from a recent storm. :)))

When you take the time to watch a storm rolling in you can feel the energy in your body.  I can usually feel it first in my hands.  As always use caution with the lightning. :))

The spell below is from Llewellyn and is amazing to work with during a thunderstorm. :)))

The next time there is a thunderstorm, take time to closely observe it, being careful not to place anyone in danger.

Turn out the lights. (They may go out anyway.)

In a fireproof container, burn a large candle in the color of your choice, for whatever your intention.

Open the curtains or blinds, and settle down in a comfortable spot where you are not too close to the windows, but are able to see the sky.

Allow yourself to become entranced by the storm, and meditate on the power of the elements.

Wind blows—intention.
Rain falls—blessing.
Lightning strikes—energy.
Thunder reverberates—closure.

"Air, Water, Fire, and Earth,
East, West, South, and North,
I ask of the elements and corners four,
Protection provide from this storm at
my door.
I pause in my actions, freely lost
In this space and time, nature tossed.
I reflect on _____, till storm is done,
With positive intentions, harm to none."
Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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