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Tea Leaf Reading

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Tea Leaf Reading

Merry Meet :))) Last week a friend of mine told me that she was going to get a tea leaf reading done. How cool is that? I must confess that's an art that I don't see done very often anymore, at least where I am located.

Tea Leaf reading is also known as Tasseography, Tasseomancy, or Tassology. It's a method of divination that involves interpreting patterns left by tea leaves in your tea. You can also use coffee grounds or even wine sediments. Though I imagine you'll get some interesting results when pairing this when drinking wine. :))

The method I'm most familiar with is having a cup of tea and drinking it till it is nearly gone, then reading the leaves and or bits of leaves left on the bottom. It's best if you use a lightly colored cup so it is easier to see the patterns in the bottom of the cup. In preparation for this article I tried reading them myself. I had to laugh as I stared at the bits in the bottom of my cup, and honestly, it is not my strength. lol :))) However, it's something I'm going to continue to play with when I drink my tea and see if I can't get a bit better at it. For me there was just so many possibilities and I was a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out what in the world the little blob on the left was. In short, I do believe I was over thinking trying to get perfect results for you! lol :)))))

So here is what I have for you. I have a wonderful website that explains a lot about tea reading as well as citing several pictures with interpretations. You can find that here:

This website includes a wonderful list of symbols that you may find in your leaves as well. You can find that page here:

I also found a small chart on the web that may help :))) I really like this chart as it seems to have many of the simple items you may see.

One of the most important things with this divination like any other is to follow your intuition. :))) In other words, don't get so caught up looking for things in the leaves that you miss what is entering your head as you do it. :))))) When you are employing any divination method, the results are not limited to what is in front of you. If something catches your attention during it, it is likely significant. For instance, while I was making my attempt, I could hear the red-tailed hawk that is my guide let out a loud call in my backyard. :))))))) Probably telling me to stop looking so hard and come outside and listen instead. ;) :))))))

Above all have a great time!!!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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