Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Natural Grounding With The Rain

Natural Grounding With the Rain

Merry Meet :))))) I am watching the rain pour down as I write this in my gazebo on my deck. :))) I so love working outside in summer. It got me to thinking on just how amazingly grounding and cleansing water is. :))))

For those of you who may not know, grounding is a way to keep our energy balanced. It's really important for everyone, but especially those of us who are empaths and sensitives. Everything is made of of energy, and if we are carrying excess energy from our emotions or encounters with others it can really influence the outcome of things and how we respond to things in our life. For example, you are at work and manage to run into a few difficult customers who leave negative energy with you in the form of stress and anger. This energy will go away with time, but instead of carrying it, why not speed up the process? Just walking barefoot outside can help you to get rid of it, washing your hands in cold water, drinking water, or the rain! :))))

I absolutely love the rain. Like the Earth under our feet is naturally grounding, so is the rain that we are blessed with as it falls upon the Earth. Try sitting next to an open window when it rains, or if it's warm enough go outside for a walk under an umbrella in it. Better yet, go for a walk barefoot in it if the weather allows. Take note of how you feel when you come back inside. You will likely notice how refreshed you feel and balanced, or grounded. :)))))))

I love when it rains as I know that is a day that if there's anything I've missed in my energy cleansing and maintenance, the rain will catch it and wash it away for me. It's basically my recharge day. :)))))))) So the next time it rains, get as close to it as you can and see how it makes you feel. :))))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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