Monday, August 24, 2015

Unlimited Possibilities

Unlimited Possibilities

Merry Meet :))))) I came across this in one of my old Llewellyn Almanacs and thought it was perfect to share with all of you today.

"Today, let go of your usual way of doing things.
Let go of who you’ve become, and how you are in the world.
Forget what you’ve been told about how you should be;
today, envision all you could be.
Let the fullness of summer suffuse you with possibility.
Spend the day imagining possibilities, dreaming and scheming.
Dress differently and eat things you’ve never tried.
Open up the abundance of summer and let it into your life.
Carry a notebook and make lists of all the possibilities—
things to learn, places to go, foods to eat, and fun to have.
Write down everything you think of, even if it seems silly.
Let your subconscious speak through this list, and when you write it, really listen.
There are endless possibilities, the thing of dreams,
and the fertile material for you to grow a summery new look, new project, or new you."

How many of us take a day and just let go. Forget about how we are suppose to behave and just do everything because it's what we actually want. Act silly and not worry what people think. Just take a total day off and live life like no one is watching and no one can influence you.

This is an amazing exercise to find your true self. You will hear me mention that a lot in my writing with you. Part of being Wiccan is cutting through a lot of the tape on ourselves and getting back to our true self. Removing things like worry, fear, and greed, and remembering who it is that we really are. When you take a day like this and just let go and see where you take yourself, you might find you are amazed at what you find. :)))))))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. This sent a tingle up my spine! I'm so going to try this! :)


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