Thursday, November 19, 2015

Burnt Hill - America's Stonehenge

Merry Meet :))) One of the places I always went growing up was a little town called Heath, in Massachusetts.  My parents had a campsite up there and we would be up there most weekends during the warm months.  What I didn't realize at the time that when we went up on top of this mountain called Burnt Hill to pick blueberries I was playing on rocks that are similar to Stonehenge. :))))

Everyone's familiar with Stonehenge right?

America has a couple sites that are similar. They are definitely not as big, but the formation is quite similar and has led to research as to why they are there. One of them is located in Salem, New Hampshire. The other one is located in Heath MA, a very very small town out in the middle of nowhere, where I have been camping my whole life. Crazy huh?

Here's the funny thing. Awhile back I was reading the book Weird Massachusetts. Great series of books, just tons of interesting stories about areas. Since I live in MA, it was a super interesting read to me. I know a couple of you are from here, so if anyone is interested here is the link:

When I came across the article in the book I got really excited. I recognized these stones! :))) I could remember standing on them when I was little. I did some research on their location and immediately realized why. They were on a blueberry farm that I had gone to  many times while camping up there. I have played on these stones, and I remember them pretty clearly. The area was called Burnt Hill because Native Americans use to burn the mountain in order to help the blueberries flourish.

So that was my mission a little while ago, to go to the land I had camped on growing up and have a hot dog roast and find these stones! :)))))

I found them! I was sooo excited. The directions I had found weren't very specific but from piecing everything together I knew where they were. There is absolutely no reception up there so using a GPS or anything was pretty much impossible. I was running on memory. When I got there I was squealing in the car with excitement because I could see them from the road. :))))) You must know these stones are in the middle of pretty much nowhere lol Miles upon miles of dirt roads lol :))))

Above is the picture I took from the road. The stones are super hard to see in a picture but I circled them in purple for you. The fields are privately owned now and the man who use to own them and let people go see the stones is now gone. The new owners have private property no trespassing signs absolutely everywhere, and there was no way to even get to the house to ask permission to go see the stones without going over those lines. So unfortunately that's as close as I got. I even went back during blueberry season but they apparently don't let anyone on the property to pick blueberries anymore either.   Hopefully one day they will decide to again and I will be able to walk around up there again. :)))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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