Monday, November 16, 2015

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds

Merry Meet :))))) This morning was incredibly foggy, and it really looked amazing outside. If you looked carefully you could actually see the little drops of water hanging in the air. While I was waiting with my little ones for the bus, Earl snapped a picture of the spiderweb above. Isn't it amazing??? :))))) The fine mist that was floating through the air, had covered the web with beautiful little droplets that made the spiderweb just sparkle in the morning sun.

The fog itself was amazing but what I saw next really caused one of those pivotal moments in my life. As I looked down the street, on every single wire was a myriad of spider webs. We have several wires in between each pole, and the webs were amazingly close. I have never seen so many webs in my life. In between almost all the poles were between 5 and 10 webs spaced on on the wires. It makes perfect sense right? It's probably one of the best places for them to have a web. I've driven and walked by them hundreds of times but had absolutely no clue they were there until this beautiful mist showed them all to me this morning. It's not something I've noticed before. It's something I will always look for in the future now though.

So it got me to thinking how many other things are out there like that that we go by every single day and just don't notice they are there? How many things are hidden until the right conditions are met? What else is there that we don't realize? How many things will we find if we slow down and take the time to notice things every day. Had I not rushed outside this morning to catch the mist I never would have seen that. It's really incredible.

I tried to get pictures of it for you, but my phone wouldn't get them as they were too far up in the air. For those of you that can though, I encourage you to go out the next time it's misty in your area and check and see if you don't have the same. :))))) If you can get close to one, go up and see if you can see the tiny strings of water that look like beautiful diamonds that our Earth Mother has blessed us with. :)))))

Have a magickal day! :)))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. They are beautiful. I've taken several photos of the ones near my home.


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