Monday, November 9, 2015

The Infinity Project

Merry Meet :))) When I was little my parents always use to take me camping to this town called Heath, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. :))) It's located on the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts. Near the campground is a very small but beautiful town named Shelburne Falls where you will find many glacial potholes that back then you could go swimming in. It has a lot of shops that line this small but beautiful area of the river.

Back then one of the shops I loved going to was that of a glassblower named Josh Simpson. He use to work right in his shop and I remember watching mesmerized as he demonstrated his craft and created these gorgeous pieces of art. Recently I took someone up there as he loves watching glass blowing to go and watch him work. I was really disappointed to find that he wasn't there. Imagine my surprise when a couple months later I am with my friend in the library and a glass blower is being featured in the art gallery and I realize it's him! lol :)))))

I was sooooo excited to see his work again. The picture above is one example. He does so many types but one of the things I'm most fascinated by with him is his globes. They are soooo intricate and you can sit there literally for hours looking at everything in them. Just gorgeous! :))))))

So I wanted to introduce him to you today because I always think art is important on your path so from time to time I will feature artists who I think are unique and are making an impact in the world with their art. One of the things I love about Josh is that he is running what's called the infinity contest. Each month he runs a contest for anyone to enter. (so all of you can enter if you want! :)) ) He creates two mini planets with the infinity symbol on them, one for the winner to keep, and one for you to hide. To enter the contest all you need to do is write where you would hide the planet. For example one was recently hidden in the Old Wishing Well of the House of Seven Gables in Salem Mass. :)))))

I just think it's an amazing idea. :)))))) Somewhere on his website he also explains how to make the infinity planets. :)))))))) So now I have some links for you to play with and explore if you want. :))) Ready?

His Website:

Infinity Project:

Have a Magickal Day! :)))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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