Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Old Mine

The Old Mine

Merry Meet :)))

This past Sunday I went out hiking all day to some old mines a couple towns over from me in Chester. :)))))) What spurred this on, was the discovery of a book on Rockhounding in Barnes and Noble Friday night lol :))))) In that book there were listing for all sorts of old mines in my area and we decided to give it a go. :)))))

The particular mine I was hiking to was used in 1856 primarily for Iron, however after mining tons of it, they found that the primary mineral out there was actually emery mixed with a high percentage of magnetite.

If you look at the picture above you will see an opening. It was basically a gorge that went back pretty far. Where we believe the opening to the mine to be though had been covered over with rocks, seemingly by a sort of landslide down the mountain. It took us close to an hour to hike in and find the site as we were just going on coordinates from the book we had found and the gps on our phone. It was basically up a mountain. :))))) When we finally found it though I had wished that we had gotten there several hours earlier and brought buckets. The land was just covered with stones of varying sizes all dumped in the area. While I am pretty good with gemstones, identifying them in their rough state as I find them outside is still something I am working on. :))))

We came home with backpacks and bags full. The walk out was much much easier as we found an old mining road to follow which will make trips back in the future much easier. Below are some pics of a few of the types of minerals we were taking out.

A little ways from the mine we were finding veins of what appears to be black micah running underground. Usually micah is flaky and a little different so my guess on this one may be wrong. We also brought home some black pieces that were quite close to this that we believe to be hematite.

This I believe to be magnetite. There was tons, and I mean tons of it in the area. It's hard to get it in a picture but it was this beautiful silvery color. There was tons of variations on this in the area. I am working to research better what's up there so I can bring back more. :))))) There were a few huge pieces that I would have loved to have brought home.

This was another sample that I brought back. I have tons upon tons of micah in my area, but I grabbed this piece as the micah was almost rose colored. There is also the silvery colors and ore that looks like magnetite, and some green areas. I definitely will be going again! :)))))

For those of you who are interested the book I was using is called Rockhounding in New England.Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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