Thursday, February 4, 2016

Don't Lose Focus

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Don't Lose Focus

Merry Meet :)))))))) So most of you know that I finally managed to get myself a gym membership again this year :))) Beyond over the Moon. It was something I was saving up for and wanted as part of the whole "2016 is the year about you" theme the universe is giving us this year. :)))

I wanted to go back to get in shape but part of the reason I wanted this particular gym was for the classes that they have. They have a class called centergy which is a cross between yoga and pilates that I use to do years ago and honestly it was a huge motivator for me to want to go back. I have been enjoying my time doing zumba and the elliptical the past couple of weeks trying to get myself back into the swing of things before I was ready for this class. :))) So the stars aligned today and I am soooo happy. :))))

So I was nervous before the class as I always am, but I met this super nice lady before I went in that told me she had been there the week before. She was next to me through the entire class and we shared some giggles as I was collapsed on the floor after the thigh concentration song and we giggled through simultaneous grunts during the ab concentration section.

My favorite part though was the yoga poses. There were two in particular that stood out in my mind this morning that I wanted to share with you. :)))) Hold on I'll find you pictures :)))

That's the tree pose. :))) It looks easy but it's not! lol Not without concentrating.

This is the eagle pose. :))

So I was wobbling fiercely along with everyone else in the class, putting my foot down every few seconds and then I found it...

that place...

the reason that I absolutely love yoga and why it relates so well to working with my intuitive gifts....

that focus...

I found that spot on the wall, zoned in on it and just got into my body and I stood tall and proud not wavering at all in that tree position. It was amazing how easy it became the moment I got my focus.

It's a great exercise in focus and demonstrates really well what you are fully capable of once you can get that focus. It's a wonderful training exercise. It was honestly one of the things that helped me on my path and it helped me as a psychic. I learned to just let go and focus and that is a really good demonstration of how I read tarot. I focus in on the cards and it's as if the world fades away as the story comes out of my fingertips.

Those of you who have done yoga probably fully appreciate it. :))) If you are struggling with yoga, this is the place you need to find and you will be amazed at your performance increase. If you've never tried yoga, you should seriously consider it, not only does it have incredible health benefits, it will help to keep you grounded and centered in yourself, and also help you train to use your gifts. Benefits all around ;)

Don't lose that focus. Focus taps into your personal power. That same focus is necessary for working magick ;) Train your body, train your brain. :))))

Go get em!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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