Friday, May 20, 2016

Full Flower Moon Tomorrow

Merry Meet! :)))) The Full Flower Moon is coming tomorrow and I have some exciting things in the works for you. :))) The first is a Limited Edition Full Flower Moon Tarot reading.  I only have a few available so make sure that if you are interested you book one quickly. :))) You can check those out below. :))

On Moonsong Daily Magick this weekend we are making a Full Flower Moon ritual spray and doing some intense energy work to get you ready for the energy that this Full Moon is bringing.  You can check out what you need for that below.  Not a member yet?  You can join us here:

Moonsong Daily Magick

I look forward to working with you! 
Full Flower Moon Tarot Readings

Book Your Full Flower Moon Tarot Reading Now!

Find Out Your Flower! 
The Full Moon is the time of greatest power and the perfect night for magick and ritual as it’s a night where energy is in abundance. The Full Moon represents the Goddess in her Mother aspect. She is fertile and abundant gaining knowledge.

The Full Moon is an amazing time to work with the Tarot. It's a great time to check in and see how things are going. This tarot reading is a great general reading to assess how your life is currently going and where you are on your path.

This reading includes the following:
Your Past 
Let's take a look at where you came from and see how it's affecting the present.

Your Present 
There's no time like the present. ;) Where are you currently on your path?

Your Future 
Where is your path leading you? This is a great card to see if you want to adjust your path or continue as you are.

Core Issue 
What is the main issue or block on your path right now.

Your Path 
A glimpse into your upcoming path

Full Moon Energy 
What energy is the Full Moon bringing you.

What Should You Embrace? 
What should you embrace right now on your path.

What Should You Release? 
What should you release right now on your path.

What Your Guides Want You To Know 
Special advice from your guides. What do they want you to know right now?

Your Power Animal 
What Spirit Animal is currently assisting you on your path and how can you best work with their energy.

Bonus!! Flower Therapy Oracle Card
We are going to take a journey to see what flower is right for you right now :)))

All readings are done via email. You will receive a PDF document via e-mail with the cards as I drew them and a detailed explanation of each card.

I do these readings by hand after meditation on a first come first serve basis. I send out the readings as quickly as I can but please allow up to one week for delivery.

If there is anything specific you want me to look at please make a note at payment or email me with your request at Thank you! 

I have two things for you to work with Saturday night.  The first is a mist that we will be making together.  So you want to see if you can find a spray bottle, preferably one that's new, something other than clear (think blue!) and around 4 ounces.  You will need a bay leaf and some essential oils: Rosemary, Nutmeg, Orange and Patchouli.  That should get you ready! :)))) Hope for nice clear skies! :)))

This Moon is going to be special because it's going to challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone to get some movement on your path.  Make sure your ready for it by preparing for the spell work this weekend and booking a reading with me! I will get you ready for the energy shift coming your way.

P.S. Retrograde ends on the 22nd yayyy!

Talk to you soon!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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