Friday, August 19, 2016

Extended for One Day

Full Corn Moon Readings Last Day

What is the Fiery Energy of this Full Moon Bringing Your Way?

Merry Meet :))))))) I hope everyone had a wonderful Full Moon last night! :))))) I actually wound up on a very unplanned trip with my little ones. :))))) It was some much needed time with them. :))) The Moon was absolutely gorgeous over the ocean. :)))) I love that we are so close that we can get there in under a couple hours. :))))

Typically with Special Full Moon readings I take them down the day after. However I always send out a reminder on the last day and I wasn't able to do that yesterday. So I extended the deadline until tonight. :))) If you were planning on grabbing one of these readings make sure you book today. :)))))))

I was at the Gemstone show next week! :)))) I got lots of goodies for all of you. :))) Earl is working on photographing them this week. :))))) One I am beyond excited about. It's taking everything I have to let this one go lol :))) The picture is not the best! I just wanted to give you an idea. :)) I'll get a much better one for you later.

It's a selenite spiral. :)))) Isn't it gorgeous? It's sitting on top of one of my lighted bases right now. I have a tower that usually sits on it. I love selenite. What's unique about this spiral is the guy who I meet up with at the show was able to have it carved larger than you can usually get it for. This one is actually 12". Crazy huh? So it's pretty unique. He is going to try to bring me back some more in November, I was only able to get my hands on one of them right now though. I will be making it available to you sometime next week. I'm still working on a way to make it fair for all of you. We were thinking of possibly doing it through E-Bay so everyone gets a chance at it. She's definitely a beauty. :)))) I got lots of other goodies for you too! :))))

Have an amazingly magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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