Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's Here!!! Your Chance To Bid On the Rare Magickal Unicorn Horn!!!

Selenite Spiral Tower - Rare! - Name Your Price!!!!

To Find Current Price - Click Here  (make sure you bookmark the page)

Merry Meet :)))))

I am so excited! Today I finally get to release this absolutely gorgeous selenite tower to you!  As many of you know I adore gemstones and we have a couple shows out here each year that I go and pick up what I think are some of the best crystals available and I bring them back for all of you.  I usually roll them out to the Moonsong Daily Magick members first as they are extremely limited quantities.  There is one man that I work with in particular at these shows that I  just adore.  He always has some really neat things for me and this time was no exception.
So the baby you see above is a spiral selenite tower also known as a Unicorn Horn.  It's tougher to find the spiral selenite towers out there usually they are just standard towers.  It's about impossible to find the one that I have in my hands right now.  She is 12" and was a special cut made for the man I've been working with.  He only brought 10 of them to the show and had I been about an hour earlier I would have had all 10, but I was able to get one!!! Earl's Mom thinks that I'm crazy for letting it go but it's too good not to let it go out to all of you.  He may be able to get me more in November but he's not sure.
So now my next problem was, how in the world do I price something that there currently isn't a price out there for.  From what we found and what the man told me these are almost impossible to find right now.
So here's what I'm going to do.  I'm going to let all of you name your price.  It's going to be a bit of a silent auction ending on Friday, September 16, 2016, the night of the Full Moon at 11:59 p.m EST.  The winner will be revealed on Saturday, September 17, 2016 on here and notified via email.
How To Bid
  1. Please be a resident of the USA - I wish I could extend this to everyone but when I looked into the possibilities of shipping it, it was absolutely astronomical in price and I would be incredibly concerned about this holding up going through customs and such.
  2. Send your name, and state that you are from, with amount you are bidding in an email to with Unicorn Horn in the subject.
  3. Bids will be processed in order received based on email time stamp.
  4. In the event that more than one person bids with the same amount the bid will be awarded to the first person with that bid.
  5. Check back on this site periodically to see what the current bid is at.  The current bid will be updated at the top as frequently as possible.  If I have more than one person with the same amount I will include a first name.
  6. Keep checking back to make sure that you have the highest bid.  I will be checking in at least once a day, most likely more!
  7. Bidding closes at 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday night.  If you have won the auction you will be notified Saturday via email.
  8. Payment is expected within 48 hours.  Item will be shipped within 48 hours after payment is received.  Please allow up to one week after shipping for arrival of your Selenite Spiral.
  9. Bidding price does not include shipping which is $18.75.  We are shipping this in a large flat rate box, but double boxing it to ensure that it gets to you.  So the price of shipping is elevated a bit for that extra reassurance that she makes it to you. :)))
  10. I will send you an invoice once you've been notified with the amount that you bid + shipping.
Easy right?

I am so excited!!!!

So let's chat a little more about what this is!  Selenite is absolutely amazing to work with! I have several pieces in my home including a couple small towers and a wand. :)))  I have some wands that I was able to get at the show as well that I will hopefully be bringing out for all of you soon. :)) We are working out a way to ship them as they are quite long.   Selenite is white or transparent in color.  For this reason it looks absolutely amazing if you place it on a base. :))) This is the tower that you are bidding on in the video below.  Is that not awesome? The video really doesn't do it justice.  You can pick up a base at amazon by searching LED light base.  They have a lot that you can choose from.  Please keep in mind that selenite is fragile so you will want to keep it somewhere safe. :)))

Selenite comes from the Greek word Moon. :)))) Pretty neat huh?  They named it this because when they looked at selenite it's color reminded them of the moon. :))) Selenite has a very high vibration that is particularly in tune with your third eye and your crown chakra.  It will help you to advance spiritually on your path and open these chakras for use with your intuitive gifts.

Selenite is also very helpful in cleansing your aura of any negative energy so it is beneficial to keep it around you.  I keep a tower in my bedroom near my bed. :))) It will help to provide clarity in your life as well.  As an empath I absolutely love having this stone around.  It's one of the few that I keep several of in my home.

Something else that is amazing about selenite is it can also help you to tap into abilities that you may have had from past lives.  So if you've walked as a Priestess before and wish to tap into your gifts this is definitely a stone that you want to work with.

She's beautiful, rare and unique just like you!

I'm now curious to see who she was meant to be with and why she came home with me that day.  It was made very clear to me that she was not meant to stay with me.  Is she for you?
Happy Bidding!

Much Love and Many Blessings,
Jasmeine Moonsong

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