Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Watch is Telling Me To Breathe....

My Watch Is Telling Me To Breathe...

This is two stories in one. :))) For over a year now I really wanted to get an apple watch. One of the many reasons that I wanted it was for my health. I have an irregular heartbeat and low blood pressure so I love the fact that the watch records my heart rate every 10 second. It helps me to pay attention to what's going on with my heart and look for patterns. One pattern that I saw is that when I stress my heart rate goes through the roof, proof that stress is bad.

I was planning on saving birthday and Christmas money this year to put towards the watch as I really wanted it, however I fell into a deal that was too good to pass up on it a couple of weeks before my birthday which had me absolutely over the Moon. I switched to T-mobile about a year ago and I have never looked back so far they have been wonderful. I was in the Apple store admiring the watch for probably the 20th time and playing with all the different functions when I had a strong urge to go to T-Mobile at the same mall. Usually my guides have something to do with those out of the blue urges that come through when I'm totally enthralled in something else so I didn't question it I just went.

Along the way I was thinking that I would love it if someone dropped the watch down about $100.00 from what it was and had a payment plan for about $15.00 a month. Earl didn't think they would have them there but I made him come with me to check. He knows when I have something and am determined lol :))) I love that he always supports that. :)) I walked into T-Mobile and asked if they carried them and the man told me that not only did they have them but they were $150.00 off and had a payment plan for $12.50 a month. I just about fell over. I told the man I needed to think about it and would be back. Then Earl tried to control my high pitched excitement and 100 mph talking over the next half hour. The watch has been on my wrist ever since and from both a personal and business standpoint it helps me so much. I definitely don't regret it. :))))) I thought it was ironic how it showed up in a range that I thought of as acceptable and I could manage so that I wouldn't have to save up for over a year to get it. :)) Law of attraction and my guides at work I believe. :))))

So yesterday I was watching the horseback riding competitions and I was really calm for the first time in awhile as I listened to those horse hooves thump around the track. All of a sudden this blue flower appeared on my watch, really pretty. Rather than hit dismiss as I have in the past couple of days because life has been in hyper mode I actually stopped and paid attention to it. It asked me to spend a minute and breathe. Why not? I was comfortable and the horses weren't going anywhere so I sat with it and breathed with this beautiful flower that opened and closed for a minute. It was wonderful. :))))))

I am so beyond excited that a company as big as Apple recognized how important just taking a few moments during your day to breathe can be and how much it can improve your health by lowering your stress. It's something that I work with all of you on a lot and just to see New Age principles such as that, or what I identify as New Age Principles, going mainstream tickles me pink. :)))

If you have the watch I urge you to participate. You can set it for longer if you want to. :)) There's some flexibility with it that I love. It's default is for one minute every four hours I believe.

For those of you who don't have an apple watch, set a reminder somewhere to take a one minute break or do it by a certain time. Make a date with yourself several times a day to just breathe for a moment. You will be absolutely amazed how much good it can do.

It's an area that I need to work with as well and I am very happy that they added this feature. :))))

Have an amazingly magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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