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Paper Moon Blessings Spells

Paper Moon Blessings Spell

I have a special guest for you today! :)))) I discovered Michaela a couple months ago and asked her if she'd like to come and write an article for all of you. :))) Enjoy!  Jasmeine

Hello! I’m Michaela from Jasmeine has been kind enough to let me hang out with you beautiful people today, and I’m so excited! Since my mantra is worshipping nature shouldn’t cost you a dime, I’ve decided to share with you a simple yet effective full moon spell called Paper Moon Blessing Spell! Let’s get started! =D

While the full moon is traditionally used for banishing (because the blossomed moon slowly wanes into a new moon, thus “shrinking” your troublesome issue), I don’t usually adhere to this formula. After all, magick is very personal! When I’m standing beneath that lustrous full moon, I feel invigorated and alive. The earth pulses beneath my bare feet. The wind caresses my skin as if the Universe is whispering to me, “Now is the time to cast!”

Listen, if the Universe is talking to me, I’m going to heed its message!

I’m guessing you probably feel the same way too—energized and enchanted beneath the milky glow of a radiant full moon. That is some powerful energy! Ultimately, magick is all about intention. If your intention is to draw something to you, it doesn’t really matter what lunar phase we’re in or what house Jupiter is controlling. What matters is that in your heart—nay, in your soul!—you KNOW that spell is going to manifest. THAT is the secret to successful magick—knowing you’ve got this!

Okay, Michaela. Thanks for the pep talk. I’d like my spell now.

Right. Sorry. Got a little distracted there.

What I love most about this spell is it requires only three simple things that everyone has on hand—a piece of paper, a pen or pencil, and a piece of string or ribbon. If you’ve ever been to my blog, you know I love me some free spellwork! ;)

So, here’s what you’re going to do:
Cut your sheet of paper into a circle. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Using a pen, pencil, or marker, write your desires in a spiral pattern starting from the edge of the paper and circling toward the center (which will draw your needs to you). End your list of blessings with the phrase, “Three times three, I draw these to me!”
For example, if you’re looking for generalized blessings you may write things like, “Happiness… Health… Joy… Laughter…Creativity… Abundance… Strength… Courage…Three times three, I draw these to me!”
If you’re looking for something in particular, like a new job, you’ll want to write very specific characteristics of what you’re seeking. For example, “A new job that brings me a sense of fulfillment…that is within ten miles from my house…that pays me $18 an hour…that has friendly and welcoming co-workers…that has a supportive and understanding boss…Three times three, I draw these to me!”
Just make sure you stay positive! Instead of saying, “I don’t want a jerk for a boss.” Say something like, “I want a boss that is friendly and treats me with respect.” Remember, we attract what we project. If you want positivity, you have to THINK positively.

After you have your desires all written out, take your Paper Moon outside or by a moonlit window. Once you’re calm and centered, take a moment to imagine your spell manifesting. If you’re casting for a new job, imagine your first day at work. Envision your new co-workers welcoming you. Imagine what your desk looks like. What scents float through the room. Picture yourself happy and enjoying your new career. If you’re casting for generalized blessings, envision what each of those means to you. Picture yourself happy and healthy, feeling alert and strong. Imagine your family enjoying a belly laugh over dinner. Envision abundance freely and easily entering your life.

Holding the Paper Moon before you, say the following:

Lunar Goddess, full and bright;

Grant me these blessings I’ve conjured tonight.

With the power of the moon, gentle yet strong;

I ask you, dear Goddess, to hurry these along.

As I stand in your luminescence, I feel your power within me;

As I will it, So Mote It Be!
Using string or ribbon, hang your Paper Moon in a moonlit window for three nights, taking a moment each night to envision your blessings manifesting. Once the third night is complete (as in the following morning), tuck away your Paper Moon somewhere safe where it won’t be disturbed. I often hide spells behind pictures. Just make sure the picture is of something and not someone or else you may put a spell on them!

That’s it! A mere fifteen minutes and you’ve got all sorts of blessings coming your way! That’s quicker than ordering Chinese food! Not too shabby! =D

Thanks again to the lovely Jasmeine Moonsong for letting me stop by! I’ve really enjoyed my time here, and I hope you have too! ;) If you’re interested in more full moon spells, check out my new book

By the Light of the Moon: 13 Simple & Affordable Pagan Spells & Rituals for a Year of Full Moon Celebrations

Happy casting, my friends!


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