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The Mysterious Swirling Photos

The Mysterious Swirling Photos

Merry Meet :)) For those of you who have been working with me for awhile you know that when my Grandfather crossed he became a spirit guide for me.  Since he has crossed I usually see something physical in this realm from him right around my birthday that jumps out.  For instance one year I was on a hike in the woods and found a Happy Birthday Balloon in the middle of absolutely nowhere the day before my birthday.  I had flowers come up in my yard that never grew there before that were there for a day and then gone.  One year we saw a gigantic rainbow on the way home from the land.  Almost every year he sends me a rainbow and often something else.  My Grandfather is the one spirit that has actually manifested himself in person for me, but that is a story for another day. :)))))

This past weekend the plan was to go to Gloucester the old fishing town in Massachusetts.  My birthday fell on labor day weekend and we honestly didn't want to deal with the labor day weekend traffic so we decided to go this weekend instead.  When we woke up in the morning there was this really strange thunderstorm coming by with massive winds that was positioned just perfectly so that going to Gloucester wasn't really a good option.  So I decided to go to the second place I had wanted to go, "the land" as I call it. :)))

The land is a plot of land in a campground that my parents bought years ago. :))) My Grandfather bought land there years ago and convinced my parents to buy land there as well.  A lot of my childhood was spent going up there for weekends camping, contributing to my exposure to the magick of the woods. :)) My Grandfather was on a different street but if I made my way up a stream that ran behind my parents campsite I could find my way there.

My Grandfather loved nature and was up at the campsite pretty much every chance that he had.  He also was an artist and absolutely love to paint. :))) He would go find flat stones in the brook and bring them up sitting beside the large campfire that he had going and paint.  His lot was covered with painted stones.
When he passed the lot got sold unfortunately which is another long story but there are still several of his paintings on it today. 

So we spent the entire day up on my parent's lot playing in the brook and having a cookout in the fireplace.  I love it up there.  It always feels like home.  I was teaching my little ones how to build their own magickal forts in the woods. :))

At the end of the day I wanted to drive by my Grandfather's lot as I always like to just check on it and see what the new owners are doing.  The lot has been sold for a second time and whoever is in there now has actually restored the lot to very close to how it was when my Grandfather lived there.  It was really special to see everything all neatened out again and most of it was back the way that he had it.  It definitely stirred the emotions.  The first people that bought the land didn't take very good care of it at all, so it was quite the thing to see it recovered back to almost it's original state.  They even had little animal statues in the gardens that will similar.

So here is where it gets interesting.  I wanted to take pictures of the rocks that he painted.  Here's an example of one of them.  This was right at the beginning of the lot and was one of the brightest and best ones by far which is interesting because it was one that he painted for me. :)) Tweety bird was always my favorite.

It's not in bad shape considering it was painted probably 25 years ago.  He crossed in 2000 so the newest painting would be from a couple years before that.  Here's where it gets interesting.

So my little ones asked if they could see my camera so they could see the pictures.  I didn't want everyone on the lot because we don't own it anymore, however I figured if anyone saw me pictures taking rocks in the front I could explain who I was and what they meant to me..  When I passed the camera back my daughter said, "Mommy these are all blurry."

"What?" I asked.

I had them pass the camera back up to me and I went through all  9 pictures that I had taken, the only one that was clear was my Tweety bird.... but how can that be?

These pictures were all taken with an IPhone 6 and perhaps there's some logical explanation.  Earl was coming up with some last night, low light, I was moving etc.  Except there is one problem with every one of those explanations...

I wasn't idly snapping photos.  These were pictures of my Grandfather's painting and I wanted them, plus it was getting dark so i took a moment to focus each one and then took the picture.  With the IPhone when you take a picture the screen flashes and then the picture shows in the bottom in a tiny corner on the left.  I was checking them as they went.  They were not blurry....

So what happened?

Want to know something even crazier to add to this?

I didn't believe I had received a solid sign from him this year.  So when I got derailed from going to the ocean and decided to go to the land where we have a connection I just kind of felt that something would happen? So I asked him before I left.  "Please make your presence known in some way today."

I would say he accomplished it again. :))))

Pretty neat huh?

I have an amazing Grandpa.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

P.S. The path picture below that I always do for you is the brook on my parents site. :))

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  1. What a beautiful story! I got teary several times while reading it. I'm glad you have a place where you can go and feel the connection to your grandfather, and that he sends you messages! It's a beautiful, beautiful thing to experience all that love, even when they are no longer on this plane. ♥


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