Friday, September 23, 2016

The Soothing Thump of Hooves......

The Soothing Thump of Hooves......

Merry Meet :)))

For those of you who caught my email last week, you know that the Big E just started in my area. The Big E is known as New England's biggest fair and people come from everywhere to see it. It's really amazing and a lot of fun. You really need several days to take it all in. I've been going to this fair every since I was really little so I was really excited to go this year for their 100 year celebration.

One of my favorite things about the fair is the horse shows in the Coliseum. The Coliseum was actually built in 1916, the first year of the fair. :))) The building is used throughout the year for horse shows, the yearly circus and other venues. :))) So maybe it's all the positive energy, or it's that gentle thumping of the hooves as the horses go around the track, but as soon as I get there I am instantly relaxed. For me it's almost as good as sitting on the beach at the ocean.

The other reason that I love it is that there aren't a ton of people in there? Earl describes the Coliseum as a pebble in a hurricane. For as chaotic as everything is outside this one building as it's a huge fair with thousands of people, the Coliseum is always consistent and steady in being cool and pretty quiet. :))) We sat there for a couple hours this morning watching all the different horses and riders and when I came home I was completely recharged and ready to go. My mind is so clear right now. It's amazing. :)))) What I love is it's a place that you wouldn't think of to go to in order to revitalize and recharge? We love it so much that we actually get passes so that we can go pretty much every day for a few hours over the next two weeks. :)) It's our designated free time. :))

So here's my task for you. :))) Over this week I want you to pay attention to everywhere you go and see if you can find a place that does this for you. Maybe it's the library, or the local bookstore, or the tiny nook in the corner of the grocery store, don't rule out anything just watch how you feel. :)) You might find some place new that you adore that revitalizes you. :)))

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

P.S. interested in watching the shows from your home? They broadcast them live here: Enjoy! :)))

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