Friday, October 7, 2016

Historical Ghost Tour

Historic Ghost Tour
Merry Meet :))

My town recently began something that I think is just wonderful and I wanted to pass it along to all of you, Ghost Tours. :))) This isn't your typical fright fest event, it's an event that's educational and raises money to restore the oldest cemetery in our town.

In the center of my town is the Old Burying Ground.  My first visit to it was when I was little with my Girl Scout trip and that trip really spurred my love of old cemeteries and their historical value.  The Old Burying Ground in my town was established in the early 1600's and there's still 1100 graves intact on the grounds.  You can go into it any time you like but you must get the key to the old iron gates from the library.   They've done this to help prevent vandalism on the grounds as some of the graves are incredibly old.

Our public library teamed up with our historical society for this event along with a bunch of volunteers.  What they do is have several people dress up as the people who are buried within the cemetery.  They stand in front of their graves as the tour progresses and tell us the story of who is buried there and what their life was like.   They really do an amazing job and I make it a point each year to go.   The proceeds from the event go to maintain the cemetery and it's old gravestones.

As someone who loves visiting graveyards to view the old stones and the art on them I have lost track of how many I have found that are just in shambles.  The event that we do in this town is sold out each year and generates a lot of revenue through ticket sales and donations as well as helps to recruit people to donate their time to help with the stones.  Check on your cemetery in your town and see what shape it's in.  It may be something you want to suggest for your town. :))) It's important to preserve our history. :))

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Jasmeine Moonsong

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