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The Spinning Wheels

The Spinning Wheels
Merry Meet :))))  Perhaps it's because I'm a complete New England girl that my love of anything early New England goes back to my childhood and continues strong in me today.  I remember going on a school trip to the early colonial village in our area in the 4th grade for the day and never wanting to leave.  I loved absolutely everything about it.  My favorite two places though were the blacksmith shop and the old fashioned kitchens.  The sights, the smells, I just can't get enough of them. :))))

As I grew older in life I've started seeking some of the things out that I would find in those places.  I have a ton of cast iron pots and skillets including a couple of special cast iron pots or "cauldrons." :))) Have you ever noticed how witchy an old New England kitchen feels? :)))) Fresh veggies, soups cooking in the pots over the fire, fresh made breads, herbs hanging everywhere. :))) Maybe it's because I'm a New England witch. :))))

One of the things that I often find in those homes that I've always adored but anytime I find them has been out of my price range are the spinning wheels. :))) i love them! I've always wanted to learn to use them as well. :)))) I would fit right in on a farm huh? lol :)))  My lack of being able to obtain one has never stopped me from admiring them every time I come across one. :)))

So this weekend we were suppose to go to the Big E but it was as if fate didn't want us there.  It was busy like I have never seen it before in all my years of attending this fair.   So we decided to go to some tag sales.  One estate sale in particular wound up being an amazing diversion for me. :))))

We originally at the estate sale on  Friday and the lady who had lived there had clearly been into crafting.  She had ribbons from the Big E for placing first in several competitions with quilt and rug making among them.  Her garage had been converted to the biggest and most amazing quilt shop I had ever seen.  While most estate sales can sometimes have lingering energy that bothered me I felt immediately at home in this one.  She was clearly a lover of antiques and cats and I was marveling at pretty much everything that she had.

One thing that all but had me falling over was the amount of spinning wheels that she owned.  They were gorgeous!!!! There were two in particular that caught my attention.  One was in an upstairs bedroom and it was just gorgeous. That one had the foot pedal and was quite fancy for it's time I believe. :))))) The second one was downstairs in the shop and was rustic but just beautiful.  The prices on them were too high for me at the time so I walked away from them.  I have to tell you that they were priced much lower than most of the ones I've seen, I just couldn't justify the amount they were at the time as September is always a bit of a crazy month for me financially.

Fast forward to Sunday when we were unable to go to the Big E because of the crowds.  I was a bit down I'll confess lol :)))) Earl said he was going to take me to some tag sales and he brought me back to the Estate Sale.  I recognized it right away.  I wasn't sure if they would still even be there at that point.  I walked upstairs and it was still there. :))))) I decided to throw an offer of $60.00 for it something that I thought was ridiculously low for what it was honestly and she agreed.  I was in complete shock as she said "It's yours."

It's all wooden.  There's very little metal on it and the craftsmanship is beyond amazing.  Here's a closeup of the wheel.

I was stunned to say the least when we were taking this out of the house and loading it into the car.  Absolutely incredible. :))))))  

A few hours later we came home and I had just started settling in when out of the blue I just told Earl to go back and offer $20 on the one in the garage.  It was a rustic one and he knew which one I was talking about right away.  I don't think there was any hesitation he was out the door lol :))))

Here it is lol :)))) She took $20.00   Can you believe it?   I'm over the Moon with happiness.  I love them both and they are so unique. :))) This one is definitely the more rustic of the two.  It was put together with square nails. :)))

If any of you have information on date or manufacturer of either of these I would love to know your thoughts! :))))) I think the first one dates around 1850 - 1880 based on what I'm seeing but I'm not positive.  This one I'm guessing late 1800's to early 1900's. :)))

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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