Monday, October 24, 2016

The Time is Near..... Your Journey Awaits...

Samhain Tarot Journey

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Merry Meet  :))))) Samhain is quickly approaching! :)))   I think there has been a lot of confusion with the Samhain readings this year and I've been having lots of questions so I wanted to clarify. :)))) The Samhain Full Moon reading was the special Full Moon reading that corresponded to Samhain.  I will be releasing a special New Moon/Witch's New Year Reading towards the end of this week. :))))

This Samhain Journey reading is the reading that is the most popular one each year.  It is a personal journey with the Tarot cards that is really one of my favorite readings to do. :))))

On your journey you will meet a ghost from your past, cleanse something from your life in a bonfire, meet one of your guides, receive a bag of treats on a gypsy caravan, meet a witch to teach you a bit of magick and so much more.  I've combined the tarot with a meditative journey in a reading that you don't want to miss! :)))))

I am currently booking for delivery next week so if you want to get one done you definitely want to get your name in quickly.

From your journey.....

....As the misty energy begins to clear a beautiful black cat comes up and rubs against your leg.  This is no ordinary cat, this is a feline familiar that will walk with you on your path until Samhain night when she will return to the other side.  As you reach down to pet her you notice a tiny scroll attached to the beautiful collar that is glowing around her neck.  She purrs loudly and you know that you are meant to read this scroll….

Join me!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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