Friday, October 28, 2016

Working With Your Ancestors

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Merry Meet :))))

As Samhain approaches quickly, and the veil is getting thinner, many of us are curious about working with our ancestors that have crossed before us.  I have been receiving a lot of messages from you telling me of visits from your loved ones, and many of you are seeking that connection.

As a medium and intuitive, this is something I've worked with my entire life, unbeknownst to me when I was younger that everyone didn't see them. :))) With the veils thin right now, communication for them is much easier.  However, many of you looking for signs, may be surprised to realize that you are just not noticing those messages being sent.

Often times on tv we will see the apparition making an appearance in a bedroom as the person lays in their bed and listens to the message being given. Other times you will see yet again an apparition skirting quickly down a hallway just out of our sight.  Now for some of you, you may see apparitions of your ancestors.  I have only seen my Grandfather and my Grandmother once, clear as a bell like this.  When I did, an amazing calm sensation came over me and I was just mesmerized.  It's as if the world stopped in that moment.  However, after working with spirits almost my entire life, this is not typical.  They tend to put through signs that are more subtle.

As you go through these days leading up to Samhain pay attention to your surroundings and what is happening in your life.  Is their a symbol or phrase that keeps coming up over and over? A movie or song that you can't seem to get out of your mind? Do you have an urge to drive somewhere or do something that is out of the norm for you?  As I've told some of you before, I often will see a deer crossing my path as a sign that my Grandfather is around.

Almost all of you with me are sensitive, but you will find  your strengths lie in different areas.  This will dictate how you see/hear spirits the most.  For some of you, you have been blessed with the gift of sight.  For those of you who are, you may find that you do see apparitions more readily then the rest of us.  That is not my main gift so the majority of the time I will see them in my minds eye, either through meditation, or when they have an important message to pass along.  Others of you may be blessed with hearing.  You may be able to hear the spirits quite clearly.  While I have experienced this a couple times too, the majority of the time, I can hear them in my head.  

So let's move on to the empaths :)))) You are likely having a lot of emotions that are not yours this time of year.  Have you noticed it happening when no one is around? It's quite possible that a spirit is trying to communicate with you.  This is what I feel the strongest.  I will be doing something and all of a sudden be hit with an emotion that is out of place.  Since working with my gift, this emotion is now coupled with sights, sounds and smells for me.  However for those of you just starting out and working with your gifts you may only have one sense and need to piece together the rest.

It's an amazing time of the year, and I want to stress to you, that you need not fear when working with your ancestors.  They wish the best for you and want to help you on your path.  You may wish to say a blessing for them, or leave out offerings.  Light a candle and ask them to guide you to the answers you seek on  your path.  We have an amazing opportunity to work with those who have crossed before us and the lines of communication are easier then ever.  Use the oil that I gave you above and anoint a little bit on your wrists and your third eye, then do a brief meditation to ask them to communicate with you.

There are so many different ways to approach working with your ancestors. :)))))) Use this time to look into your past and learn about them.  Ask family members to tell you stories.  Leave flowers as offerings on the graves of those who have crossed.  I personally love using as it has helped me huge in discovering my roots. :)))))

Above all though, take care of you!  Make sure you are grounding and centering frequently during the next few weeks.  You may want to smudge yourself and your home frequently just to make sure the energy stays clean and for your greater good.  Drink lots of water and make sure that you are maintaining your health.  Take frequent walks if the weather allows to clear your mind and allow yourself to listen for messages. :)))))


Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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