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Dark Moon vs New Moon and Working With Magick

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Dark Moon vs New Moon and Working With Magick

Merry Meet :)))) Today I wanted to try to help you understand the differences between the New Moon and the Dark Moon and how it relates to your magickal workings. It is important to note that these views may vary by tradition.

Let's start with the New Moon. Almost all of you are probably quite familiar with the New Moon. It is when the moon moves from Waning to Waxing, or when the Moon starts to expand in our view once again. During the Waning Moon cycles we are suppose to limit the action of any magick that is designed to bring something to us. However, it's a good time to work with any banishing magick that you might have. This corresponds directly to the phase of the Moon. If the Moon is waning it's diminishing, therefore it makes sense to work with magick that is removing or banishing something. When the Moon is waxing it is growing, so it would make sense to use this time to work with magick that is drawing something to you. With these examples, we can understand how the full Moon is the most magickal night as it is at it's fullest. So what about the New Moon? And what is the Dark Moon?

I have been taught that on the night of the New Moon this is the night to perform magickal workings that focus on what you want to happen through the next lunar cycle. It is a night of new beginnings, as it's the first night that we can see the Moon in the sky again.

The Dark Moon is that period between Waning and Waxing Moon phases where we cannot see the Moon in the sky at all. Now, some people see this as a night to do no magick at all. My beliefs differ, based on various teachers and my own personal experience. I've found this night to be highly magickal, and what I do for work on this night can really make a difference in the cycle. The color black can get a bad rap based on how people are using it. When I first started my path formally I refrained from using the color black in anything as I associated it with the dark arts. However, when used properly it can be a very powerful color to work with. Instead of viewing the color black as void of color, let's look at it as the all encompassing color. Black contains every color, therefore can have a wide variety of uses. On the night of the dark moon rather then viewing it as void of light, view it as encompassing all the colors. It changes your perspective right? This is why my views will vary from some people and traditions. That concept really changes everything.

So while I view the New Moon as powerful for new beginnings, I also see the Dark Moon as very powerful as well for working magick as it's the night of infinite possibilities. There are no limits on that night. You can work with pretty much any type of magick on the Dark Moon as they are all supported.

So this month work with the spell that I gave you above and make sure you look back next month and see how your working affected the lunar cycle for you. :))) I bet you will notice a significant difference.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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