Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Spider As Your Totem

**original graphic from Overdaforest on Flickr**

The Spider As Your Totem
Merry Meet :))))) The past few weeks I have been having a lot of spiders cross my path, from walking across the dash of my car while I'm driving, to showing up on my nightstand as I'm trying to fall asleep, they have been in so many places for me the last few weeks I've lost track.  What I find interesting, is that I've gotten e-mails from several of you saying that you've noticed the same thing and have been having similar experiences.  So let's take a better look at the spider and see what this all means. I don't know about all of you, but the first thing I think of with a spider is the amazing webs that they weave.  I don't love them as much when I walk into them, but have you ever taken the time to really look at a spiders web and how intricate it is? The spider is likely one of the most creative totems out there.  The spider and the webs she weaves are also powerful reminder of how intricate our lives our but how they flow.  As a spider builds her web, each section builds upon a section she built in the past, and is carefully woven to support the strands of her future.

We in essence are doing something very similar.  Our viewpoint of our life, our past, and our future is what weaves the web of the perception we have of our lives.  Notice how I said perception, as you are in charge of how you view your life.  So the spider helps us to be more aware of our life choices and the webs that we are building.  Be sure that the web of your life is supportive and not restricting you.  They help remind us to always make sure we are staying positive and weaving a strong web that will support us in the future.  With each choice you make in life, make sure that it supports the future and is the best option for you and those that you love.

The spider as a totem is a feminine energy. In Ancient Egypt she was a sign of the Divine Mother Neith. You will find that she is a symbol of Divine feminine energy in many traditions.  Another characteristic is her patience.  She encourages us to keep weaving our webs while being patient and watching our lives carefully.  We must make sure that our foundations in our life are strong and safe and that we are always prepared and ready.  Yet she is a reminder to not strike premature, or be aggressive in our nature.  It is all about timing in your life and the patience to wait for those correct moments to make moves.  The spider is very wise, and her wisdom helps you to analyze the intricate web of your life and make the best decisions possible on your path.

One more important symbol and message of the spider.  She is shaped as an infinity symbol :)))) She is a reminder that we have infinite possibilities available to us and that the Divine's love for us has no boundaries.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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