Monday, November 21, 2016

The Whales

The Whales

Merry Meet :)))) One of the things I have always wanted to do is go on a Whale Watch. :)))) Part of the reason I haven't is quite honestly the thought of it terrified me. I love the ocean and I love boats but I've never been out on a smaller boat far enough where I can't see shore. That probably sounds sort of silly. I was on a cruise ship years ago and loved it. It's one of those fears where when I sat there and reasoned it out with myself I couldn't identify where it was coming from and I couldn't justify it. Of course it probably didn't help that we've been doing a Deadliest Catch marathon nights for the last month. :))))) All things pointed towards it being an experience I would love. So I finally took the jump and went on my first whale watch a couple weeks ago in Plymouth, MA. :)))

So when I got there I realized that one of my fears had come true. The boat was incredibly small. Please excuse the quality on the picture it was so small I had to zoom way in to get a picture. :)))

LOL :)) Just kidding ;) This ship is just advertising for pirate cruises in Plymouth. I thought is was super cute though so grabbed a picture. So here is the actual boat. :))

It's a good size boat :))))) It was perfectly chilly out that day at a balmy 40 degrees. :)) We froze lol! However you will all be proud to know that we sat on the top of that boat through the entire 4 hour trip. :))) It was a lot colder than 40 on the open ocean I can assure you lol :))) But fresh air is good for you right? I know my nose was super clear. :)))

Ok so fear number 2. Sea sickness. I know I do ok on cruise ships but I wasn't sure how I would do because I had a problem on a smaller boat before. There was a storm the day before (of course) lol so the seas were less than calm. As we walked on the boat they were handing out dramamine. I declined because I wanted to see how I would do. A decision I would regret later because of the seas. But that's ok! :))) Here is the most important part.

Look, look, look! :))) It's a family of three of them! :)))) We had been out there almost two hours and the captain was saying that there actually might be a chance we might not see any. Then he had a call come in for the whales that they were looking for and we found them. Absolutely incredible! See the rainbow too! :)))))) They are hugeeeee! It's absolutely incredible to be next to these majestic beauties on an ocean that you can't see shore and it appears to go on forever. Words just cannot describe the feeling.

They were around our boat for such a long time. We would watch the water for them blowing the water in the air and the water going white and then appearing green before they came up to show us a glimpse of their long sleek bodies or several times we got lucky enough to see their heads and tails.

There's a picture of his head :))) They were coming up right next to the boat at times it was incredible. :)))

Here's another shot. You can see the green water that shows how far his body goes and the birds. The picture really doesn't do a good job at showing you just how massive they are.

This last shot shows the tail :)))))) Just so cool! :)) The boat across the way was another one, there were actually three of us by the end. One boat was from Boston, and the other was from Cape Cod :))) That will give you a bit of an idea how far out we were. The whales that we saw were Humpback whales :)) You can see one on the article heading picture. That one is not my picture. :)))

There were times that the ocean was super rough and the boat was all but sideways on the ways. I was terrified lol However I found that I was so mesmerized by the whales it really didn't matter. On a calm day it really would have been nothing for me to handle. :))) I most definitely will go again. Just an incredible experience. :))))))

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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