Monday, November 14, 2016

Tonight's Full Super Moon!

*graphic by Emilie Leger**

Merry Meet :))))) Full Moon Blessings to all of you :))))))) We have a huge event going on tonight and I'm so hoping that everyone has clear skies. Make sure you get out there to enjoy it. Tonight's Moon is a Super Moon but not just any Super Moon, it is going to be closer than it has in almost 70 years at 221,524 miles. You are going to feel some amazing energy this evening so make sure you get out there and work with it. :)))) We won't have to wait as long for it to happen again, but it still won't come this close again until 2034. So keep that clear sky energy working so hopefully we all get an amazing view this evening.

I do want to note that even if you can't see the Moon you can still feel her and work with her energy, so if you have cloudy skies or even rain or snow don't despair. :))) Some of my more powerful nights have actually been rainy ones! lol :)))) Clouds will not get in the way of her energy. :))

Tonight's Moon is known as the Full Mourning Moon, Fog Moon or the Snow Moon. When I first started Wicca formally this Moon was a bit confusing to me. The word mourning to me implies that we are mourning the loss of someone, and in a way that felt similar to Samhain. Here's the difference though ;) With Samhain we are celebrating the lives of those who have crossed before us and honoring them. Tonight is more of a night to let them go.

However, it doesn't just mean mourning those who have crossed, it's also a time to let go of things that are not helpful to us on our paths. What types of things? Any form of a toxic relationship, any habits that aren't for your greater good, basically anything that you personally need to let go of in order to go forward tonight is that night.

I really identify with tonight as the Snow Moon as well as the Mourning Moon. I believe when you put these two names together it paints a better picture of what tonight is about. The weather is getting very cold here in New England and I have almost everything buttoned down for winter. It's rare that I can go outside now without bundling up as the winter chill in the air is fast approaching. One thing I love about where I live though is the snow. There is something about the snow falling down softly at night and painting the world in a perfect blanket of white, blues, and sparkles that just is pure magick to me. It's also very relaxing and cleansing. So tonight I want you to think of yourself as one with the Earth. Envision that soft beautiful blanket of snow coming to sooth your soul and allow you that time to rest, relax, and cleanse your soul as you ready yourself for the future that lies ahead of you. It's a time to be cleansed and pure and rid yourself of anything that is not helping you physically and or emotionally on your path at this moment.

I do want to prevent confusion and let you know that in Wicca our actual Snow Moon is in February. :)))) Depending on your tradition is how you will refer to most moons. I always thought the Mourning and Snow work well together so I celebrate them together. While we don't have snow in November here in New England we usually do get one snow storm to come through which we did the other day :))) It covered the ground with a beautiful blanket of white for a day and now it is gone again. While I'm not a big fan of the cold I love the new energy that a coat of freshly fallen snow can bring.

On Full Moon nights we typically do magick that draws what we wish towards us. Tonight we will draw a blanket of peace and cleansing towards us, but it really is a powerful night of letting go and saying goodbye. In order to move forward sometimes we need to let go, and you need to look for those things that will allow you to do that. :))) For each thing you choose to leave try to replace it with something positive to keep with you going forward.

Tonight in your magickal workings you will want to incorporate various shades of whites, grays and blues. Lapis Lazuli one of my absolute favorite gemstones is an excellent choice tonight. It is the stone of truth and honesty and will help you identify those areas in which you need to cleanse yourself tonight. Water is the element to choose tonight in your work, if you have snow already, you may wish to work with a bit of snow in your rituals tonight. Tonight we call upon Hecate, Isis, Kali, and Bastet for their wisdom and guidance.

Enjoy the beauty of the Moon tonight and embrace your path going forward.

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Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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