Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ghost Hunting on the Plymouth Night Tour

Plymouth Night Tour 

Merry Meet :))))))  Growing up as a psychic has always left me with this hunger to pretty much devour anything I can get my hands on when it comes to the spirit world.  Something I've always wanted to do but always was too afraid was a paranormal investigation.  The stars aligned for me this year two days before Halloween. :)))

I was so excited to go. :))) We booked a tour the Saturday night before Halloween and I was even more excited because they were going to let us use EMF detectors, something I've always wanted to try.  To me it's the ultimate situation to be able to bridge what I do with the scientific side.  As most of you know who have worked with me I absolutely love validation.

When we got there they told us that they would be splitting us into two groups.  One of them I was really excited about because the group the Unexplained Paranormal was going with the tour leader Geoffrey as well as a girl that I knew had intuitive gifts the moment I saw her.  I was super excited to find out that we would be with that group. :))) Interestingly enough there was a medium there as well known in Boston for her work which I found interesting.  Funny how things work out huh? :))

Geoffrey was absolutely awesome.  His knowledge of the history of the area was absolutely amazing and he shared it freely with us all night demonstrating his pure love of his job.   I loved the respect that he had for the field and the accuracy at how he taught the group.  His knowledge of the spirit world was definitely on point and he did an amazing job educating us about EMF detectors, how they work and how to use them.  EMF detectors measure electromagnetic fields which can be helpful when you are trying to detect spirits in the area.  I got to watch a lot of other equipment being put to use to with the Unexplained Paranormal investigator that was with us. :))

One of the things he did was tell us stories of reported ghost sightings as we walked throughout the town.  I couldn't help but try to sense things as we were moving around.  One of the stories I was excited about how accurate I was able to sense something.  He told us about a murder that happened in a three story house... as he was telling us about the poor woman who was murdered on the second floor I thought it was interesting that I was really being drawn not to that floor but to the top floor where I was getting visions of blood... I didn't say anything as he was telling the story.  As he ended the story he explained that her husband had murdered her but hid her in the walls of ..guess where...that's right that top floor exactly where I was being drawn to.  Crazy huh? :))))

The most anticipated part of the night for me was when we went to Burial Hill.   There was originally a fort there in 1621 and then a church until 1677. So I was very excited to go inside this old cemetery packed with history at night with ghost hunting equipment.  Can you imagine?

Funny enough I was actually not scared at all but very calm.  I would have thought I would've been shaking in my shoes.  I was really right at home up there and I was still sensing everything around me.  There was a girl with our group that was helping out and I wish I could remember her name because she was awesome. I was able to use her as a gage a lot for what I was sensing which was very cool.  I remember at one point I was really uncomfortable with the energy and I looked for where she was and she had backed up and was leaning against a tree.

The picture above was taken with the Paranormal Investigators camera.  I'm pretty confident that it's me on the right! LOL  Likely looking into something. :))))) I had a lot of things confirmed for me on the tour in the cemetery as I have been there before several times.

For instance in one particular area I haven't been able to walk by it without getting a massive headache and sick to my stomach and I found out that it was actually a mass grave for men from a terrible shipwreck.  That explains that! lol :))

Another interesting story was of a place in the cemetery that I was actually amazingly calm.  Wolf's Tree. Wolf was a man that lived in Salem that predicted his own death in front of that tree by lightning before he died.  His story is pretty incredible so I'm going to include a link for you as I could write an article about what happened to him.  It's definitely worth a read! The energy around the tree was incredibly calming and I would say out of place except that his energy made me feel right at home. :))))

These are just a couple of brief highlights from one of the most amazing nights I have had.  We were out there about 4 hours because he stayed an hour later with us.  He was just phenomenal. :)))) I would love to tell you that I had ghost pictures or the EMF detector went crazy or I saw something absolutely amazing but I don't have that.  I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am so so so happy that the Plymouth Night Tour did not use any cheap scare tactics to "enhance" the experience.  If you are anywhere near the area or you can go see them I can't recommend them enough. :)))))) Go soon though! Apparently the town is going to prohibit access into the cemeteries at night soon.

You can find their website here:

For those of you on Facebook you can find them here:

Definitely an incredible experience that I would gladly do again. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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