Friday, December 23, 2016

How I Found the Spirit of Christmas This Year :)))

How I Found the Spirit of Christmas This Year :)))

Merry Meet :)))) How many of you are ready for Christmas? :))) This is one holiday that isn't Wiccan that I actually do take the time to celebrate with friends and loved ones.  I really enjoy the spirit of the season. :))))) Of course Santa as well ;) We are making peppermint sugar cookies for him right now. :)))

Things happened in such a way that I really have been having trouble getting on to write on the blogs. The holiday got extremely stressful for me the other week and I'll be honest, I was starting to lose ground a bit.  I've had a wicked cold the past couple of weeks that I've been working through and the pressures of the season and providing everything everyone needs I always take on too personally? I am so hard on myself! LOL :)) Toss in a few emergency situations over the last couple of weeks and my stress level was just too high and I was having trouble bringing it down. I realized it last week and one of the days I took a long long walk in the woods...almost 10 miles actually and that helped... Temporarily....

Earl and I went to Maine a couple of weekends ago for a night.  The ocean instantly calmed me and all the beautiful lights. :)))  We had the best time! We stayed out incredibly late driving around and looking at the beautiful lights.  The picture above is the Nubble lighthouse.  It's really incredible.  If you look it up online you will see some really gorgeous pictures of it.  My camera didn't do it justice.

I also saw one of my favorite places in the world, Perkins cove all lit up.  Even though it was absolutely frigid we got out to take pictures on our favorite bridge and see the boats with Christmas trees on them.

 Although Sunday was not much warmer, we were in the teens most of the weekend, we managed to get out for a couple mile walk on the cliffs above the ocean. :))))) It was exactly what I needed. :)))

Oh! They even had trees made out of lobster traps lit up! :))))

In this picture you will find Santa and Mrs. Claus out for a run! :))))))  When we were getting ready to head home yesterday the emergency notice came on the radio letting me know of a huge snow storm coming in last night.  I was thrilled. :)))

The morning after we came home, I woke up to a snow filled wonderland outside my door and I could not have been happier.  I made sure to take a couple hours to go outside and throw snowballs with the kids and help build a snowman. Settled back down now with chilly cheeks and the promise of a car ride in a few hours with hot coco's to go look at the lights I was completely in the spirit of the season and honestly :))) I have held it ever since.  I am writing to you this morning with the smell of peppermint sugar cookies looking forward to visiting my parents this evening to celebrate Christmas with them. :))

So often the holidays go by in a blur for me and when it's over I often feel let down because I feel like I missed the season? This year I resolved not to do that.  I have to tell you though when you look out your window and you see snow it helps! :)))This year it looks like I have been delivered my wish of a White Christmas. :)))

This season I really want all of you to focus on bringing that magickal energy of the season towards you.  How many of you remember watching Christmas movies when you were little beyond excited to see what Santa would bring for you? I wand you to find that this year :))))) How many of you still watch Christmas movies? :))))) Celebrate the season and enjoy it.  Leave everything else behind. This is the end of 2016 and soon we will find ourselves welcoming in 2017.  Are you ready? :))))))

This is the perfect night to enjoy, count your blessings, give thanks, and look forward to the future with excitement. :)))) Find the magick ;)

Have an amazingly magickal night! :)))))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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