Friday, December 30, 2016

Lavender Bliss

Lavender Bliss

Merry Meet :)))))) As I'm writing this, I can smell lavender wafting through my house. :))))) I'm quite confident I have done an article at some point about lavender for you, but as I started writing today's issue and saw it in the correspondences and could smell it I just had to write to you and rave about lavender again today. :)))))

There is something about lavender that is just soooo soothing to me. For as long as I can remember it has been my go to scent for calming. Lavender with Vanilla, and Eucalyptus with Spearmint are my two staples for aromatherapy in my house. I love the color as well :)))) It's just as relaxing :))))

When you use lavender in your home it helps to promote harmony and happiness overall. You would be amazed at how it can affect the energy in your home. If you've ever gone shopping for cleansing bundles you've probably noticed that white sage is often paired with lavender. They work amazing together. The Sage cleanses and the Lavender replenishes the energy with positive energy.

Lavender is also known to be very protective. It's one of my favorite methods for protection as it's strong enough to provide psychic protection but gentle enough to not disrupt my personal energy. It is also excellent to use with little ones. If you have little ones that are intuitive hang some lavender in their rooms and burn some essential oil in a burner and you'd be amazed.

It is known to help with having psychic dreams and remembering them, but it can also help protect you in your dreams. It helps you to sleep soundly and awake rejuvenated. :)))

It's definitely an herb that I would not want to go without in my home. :)))) Hang lavender around your house, tuck it into wreaths and other decor, make sachet pillows and put them in drawers or under your pillow, use it in your bath, use it for it's aroma, the possibilities are endless with lavender. :))))))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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