Thursday, January 12, 2017

Full Cold Moon Blessings

Full Cold Moon

Merry Meet :))))) Full Moon Blessings! :))))) I bet you know how tonight's Moon got it's name ;) Here in New England this is definitely the coldest month of the year for us. It was a whole 1 degree yesterday and I believe we are around 11 today. I'm snug as a bug inside with the fireplace going looking at the pretty snow outside my window. That's not to say that all days are freezing where I am. :)) We get some warmer ones that get into the 40's and sometimes 50's during this time as well. :))

One of my favorite things about this time of year though is the snow, especially the snow on the night of a Full Moon. I honestly believe it is the prettiest Full Moon of the year. My fingers are crossed that it will be warm enough this year to go out and see it. It can get amazingly bright out on the night of a Full Moon and the colors are just amazing. :)) It's part of why I selected the picture above as it's really close to the views that I will have here on the night of the Full Moon. The Moon won't be quite as bit, but sometimes when it rises it can look absolutely huge in the sky. :)))

Tonight is also known as the Full Wolf Moon and honestly many of you who have been with me for quite some time are likely more use to me referring to January's Full Moon as the Full Wolf Moon. Native American's gave it that name for the wolves use to start howling outside the camps this time of year as food was beginning to get scarce for them. The white wolf is still one of my main spirit animal guides and I will do something to thank him tonight as well for all the times he has walked next to me on my path.

Tonight's Moon is in Cancer. Why, you might ask is it in Cancer when above I told you that she would be in Libra this evening. The Moon is full this morning at 6:34 EST and during that time she is in Cancer so that is where this Full Moon's energy is coming from and why we identify her as being with Cancer. :)))

2017 is going to hold some challenges for you going forward. I told you it would be a year of hard work, challenges and rewards. So tonight we are doing some important work to set the stage for that. :))) Grounding work. What you want to focus on tonight is your home and immediate relationships within your home. You want to make sure that the environment that you spend the most time in is optimal for you to nourish yourself and grow spiritually this year. Don't forget to book your Full Cold Moon Reading it will help you to understand where you currently are and what you need to do right now on your path. :)))

You also want to pay particular attention to what makes you feel safe and secure. When you are safe and secure you will find that you are able to rest completely, cleanse and ground enabling you to walk your path balanced which is really what you want. In doing so you will make better decisions and you will find that your confidence is increasing as well. This is some pretty important framework that you want to do for this year. :)))

So tonight look around you and make a list of what you can do to make your home be that personal oasis for you. What can you work on to improve it in the next couple of weeks that will help you to feel more settled. I know in my home we are on a bit of a cleaning spree removing all the Christmas decor and bringing in the Spring decorations as they lift our spirit this time of year. I purchased a small aroma diffuser this year as well which is wonderful :))) I can use essential oils in it and it brings their scent through my home, something that I am enjoying. :)) We are also working on repainting the walls in our home. :))) We just redid my son's room this past weekend and it's amazing the difference a coat of paint can make. :))))

So look for things that will lift your spirits and make you just feel happy to be home. Don't forget your relationships at home as well, that's a really important aspect of this. Plan some things that you can work on over the next couple of weeks. Raise your wish list up to the Goddess this evening and ask her to help you to create an environment that the energy will be in your best interest. Tonight would be a great night to charge a rose quartz crystal as well to carry with you. :))))

Have a Blessed Full Moon!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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