Thursday, February 16, 2017

Your Book of Spells

Your Book of Spells

Merry Meet :))))) I know many of you are just starting to work with spells, some of you haven't begun yet. One thing I believe to be very important when working rituals and spells is recording your experiences. Some will do this right inside their Book of Shadows. I, however, am a bit of a neat freak and prefer to have my Book of Shadows look aesthetically pleasing and use a separate journal to record my results when I work with spells, rituals, and even divination. I include tarot and other forms of divination in this book as they are working with magick as well. In all honesty, divination makes up a huge amount of my book. There are so many reasons why keeping records like this for your reference is important. I use a binder for this as I can organize what spells I've worked with into tabs according to type of spell. This is extremely helpful for future reference. I also have a few pages in the front dedicated as an index. On those pages I list which spells I have done, and the date they were done. While I'm writing this, it's just occured to me that you could likely use a technological method as well such as an iphone app, or the computer. Perhaps one day I will convert mine. So let's get into why you would want to do this.

The most important reason is so that you have a record of your magickal work. I love having a record of the spells that I have worked with. This makes it easy when I need to work with one to reference back what worked for me in the past, rather then digging through books for "that spell I used 8 months ago." It helps you to keep everything neat and organized which is very important to your craft.

You have a record of your results, immediate and future results. After you do your workings record everything that you can think of on that day. The more information the better. Some things to include are moon phase, time of day, weather, colors wearing, incense burning, the mood you are in etc. While it may not seem relevant at the time, it can become very relevant in the future when you are learning how you work with spells the best. When you work with this book you should not only record immediate results, but come back to the pages in the future and record any changes. I have a spell on each page, that leaves me plenty of space at the bottom of the page to write results later on. This is very helpful if you have a reading you've done for yourself that perhaps didn't make sense the day you did it, but a week later it will make perfect sense. It's also helpful in the respect that most magick you work will not manifest immediately. It takes time for it to come to fruition and you will not know the results right away. By doing this faithfully it will help you learn how you perform as an artist. For that is exactly what we are, artists. We will never work magick the same for we are all different. Therefore you must learn the best methods for you from you.

As a side note, I have a separate book that I keep all spells I come across and want to save in. I don't put them into my Book of Spells until I have used them. You could just have a section at the back of your binder for this. For me though, I like having them separate. For me the energy on them is different.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

**graphic by Tsabo6**

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