Thursday, March 30, 2017

Falling or Jumping Cards In The Tarot

Falling or Jumping Cards In The Tarot

Merry Meet :)))) How many of you have been dealing the tarot cards, and one card falls out of the deck. What do you do with these cards? To me, any card that falls out of the deck when shuffling is a card that is trying to get your attention. :))) I've had them just fall slowly at my feet, and I've had them come out as if they had a mission. So when these cards make their presence known, I acknowledge that and pass along the message they are trying to get across. Most tarot readers will agree with me on this practice. From what I've seen, the majority of tarot readers will add the card to their spread, incorporating the card into their reader.

When I was taught tarot by Sheilaa Hite, I was taught to take it a bit further though. I will write down somewhere what the card was and then tuck it back into the deck. I will then reshuffle the cards. I love when things show up multiple times and you would honestly be amazed at how many times this card that has jumped out has shown it's determination and shown up again when I layout the cards. Does this always happen? No. I would venture to say well over 50% of the time it does for me. I must confess I love it when it does. When it shows up again I now have additional insight as to why that card is so important by where it is placed in the spread.

If it does not show up again though don't worry. :))) I find that the ones that don't show up again either seem to need to be read on their own, or they will appear again in a different place. Sometimes it will be a combination of the two. This is one of those things that always seems to happen to me. If it doesn't seem to fit perfectly at the time, I relax as I know it will make perfect sense later on. Usually I will receive that "aha!" moment within 24 hours.

I have a profound love and interest in those cards that "fall into my lap". For me it's like my guides sending me a very personal message. I love when they make it obvious. With my analytical I need to see it six times to believe it Virgo mind, the more obvious the better. :)))) As always, when you are reading the most important thing is to follow your intuition. If you like how I do it, by all means feel free to incorporate it into your readings the way I was taught to. If you want to stay with the main method that's ok too. What matters is what is most comfortable for you.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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