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Magickal Ingredients in Your Kitchen

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Magickal Ingredients in Your Kitchen

Merry Meet :))))) Many of the herbs, spices and other ingredients in your kitchen have magickal properties. When we have something we desire by working these ingredients into our meals and drinks throughout the day, we can help these desires come to us. Below is a basic list that I have started for you of the ones that I am aware of. You may want to designate a space in your Book of Shadows and add to this list as you find more. :))))

Alfalfa sprouts: frugality
Allspice: luck, health
Almonds: wisdom, prosperity
Amaranth: earth energy
Anise: love, enthusiasm, deepens meditation
Apple: balance, harmony
Apricot: feminine spirituality, romance, passion
Artichoke: personal growth, protection from negative energy
Asparagus: aphrodisiac
Avocado: beauty, passion
Bacon: financial prosperity
Bamboo Shoots: feminine energy
Banana: male fertility
Barley: grounding, energy
Basil: calming, love
Bay leaves: energy, health
Beans: decision making, divination
Beef: grounding, abundance
Beets: beauty, passion
Blackberries: protection
Blueberries: calm, acceptance, peace
Brazil Nuts: good fortune, love
Bread: kinship, sustenance
Broccoli: strength, leadership
Brussel sprouts: stability, endurance
Buckwheat: wealth, protection
Butter: soothes troubled relationships
Cabbage: fertility
Cake: enchantment
Capers: lust
Caraway: protection
Cardamon: strengthen relationships, love
Carrots: vision, masculine energy, fertility, dispel illusions
Cashews: financial prosperity, energy
Catnip: joy, acceptance, life force
Cauliflower: feminine energy
Celery: foundations, peace, passion, lust
Chamomile: purifying, calming
Cheese: energy vibration, joy
Cherries: energy, divination
Chicken: health, new beginnings
Chili Peppers: creative energy
Chive: protection, breaking habits
Cilantro: love
Cinnamon: spirituality, psychic insight
Cloves: love, money, psychic protection
Cocoa: joy, love
Coconut: diversity, spirituality
Coffee: conscious mind, alertness
Comfrey: financial prosperity
Cookies: love, maternal instinct
Corn: life, abundance, fertility
Crab: spiritual energy
Cranberries: protection
Cucumber: chastity
Cumin: prevents theft
Curry: protection from evil spirits
Dandelion: psychic powers
Dates: free spirit
Dill: dominance, sexual desire
Echinacea: spirituality
Eggs: fertility, hope
Endive: lust
Fennel: healing, purifying, spiritual
Figs: luck, abundance
Fish: powers of unconscious, fertility
Garlic: protection
Ginger: love, healing, energy
Ginseng: endurance, passion
Grapes: spiritual energy, concentration, fertility
Guava: romantic fantasy
Hazelnuts: intuition, divination
Honey: creativity, joy, well-being
Horehound: protection
Horseradish: masculine energy, prevent evil
Huckleberries: protection, intention
Hyacinth: dependability
Iris: life force
Jelly/Jam: joy
Kiwi: love, passion
Lamb: sensitivity, caring
Lavender: calming
Lemon: cleansing, longevity, devotion
Lemongrass: psychic, intuition
Lettuce: feminine energy, protection, psychic
Linden: rest, sleep
Lime: purification, healing
Mango: spirituality, joy
Maple syrup: life, abundance
Marjoram: strengthen love and relationships
Milk: nurturing
Mint: rejuvenation, money, healing, purification, vibration
Mushrooms: strength, courage
Mustard: alertness, awareness
Nutmeg: health, fidelity, good fortune
Oats: prosperity, sustenance
Olive: peace, spirituality, integrity
Onions: absorb impurities, protection
Oranges: love, health, happiness, invigoration
Oysters: sexual energy
Papaya: devotion
Paprika: creative energy
Parsley: protection, purification
Passionfruit: friendship, love
Pasta: psychic energy
Peaches: love, fertility, wishes
Peanuts: masculine energy, aggressive energy
Pears: passion, lust
Pecans: prosperity
Pepper: protection, banish evil
Pineapple: hospitality, protection
Pistachios: break spells
Plums: inspire love
Pomegranate: growth, fertility
Poppy seeds: calmness, magick
Potato: healing, foundation, earth energy
Radish: protection, protects from evil eye, sexual energy
Rasberries: stamina, vigor
Rhubarb: willpower, reduce worry
Rice: blessings, fertility, weather, magick (rain)
Rosemary: love, happiness
Rye: love
Saffron: clairvoyance, healing
Sage: protection, healing
Salt: grounding, protection, earthly purification
Sassafras: love, money
Sesame seeds: life force
Slippery Elm: persuasion, stops gossip
Sprouts: energy
Strawberries: love, romance
Sugar: dispel evil
Sunflower Seeds: masculine energy, conception
Sweet Potatoes: nurturance
Tarragon: remove negative energy
Tea: immortality, meditation, intuition
Thyme: fairy folk, health, romance
Tomatoes: love, protect against negative energy
Truffles: aphrodisiac
Turnips: protection
Vanilla: raise vibration, loving energy
Vinegar: purification
Watercress: feminine power
Wheat: fruitfulness, bounty, rebirth
Yogurt: grounded spirituality, intuition
Wine: celebration, happiness

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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